(July 15, 2022) Today is one of my best days in academic career. I have been collaborating with a young student Shreyas Ganesh, final year Computer Science engineering student from PES University, Bengaluru to understand the effectiveness of face masks in containing COVID-19 in India. There may not be detailed study on this aspect so far focusing on India. Today, while discussing with Shreyas, results are signalling that face maks indeed play the trick. WIth COVID-19 on the rise and some states like Tamil Nadu insisting on face masks, the ongoing research reinforces our faith in data analytics.

Honorable Narendra Modi ji, Prime Minister of India in a recent speech in Varanasi called for evidence based solutions and our research is following his guidelines to prove the usefulness of technologies like nonwoven face masks in saving lives. Detailed analysis is being written as a peer-reviewed paper. Glad to highlight that an undergraduate student’s pastime collaboration is yielding publishable results. It is such a relish to see data showing good trend and effect of interdisciplinary collaboration, textile materials and computer science.

Sharing the moments captured while Shreyas and I discussed the results today in Bengaluru (Photo shared)
Seshadri Ramkumar, Professor
Texas Tech University, USA