Working from home is essentially the epitome of a flexible work arrangement. Made necessary by the pandemic, working from home has become an essential aspect in most companies. While working from home may feel luxurious, it often comes with the risk of missed deadlines, unmet deliverables due to time and inadequate resources. 

Therefore, to ensure that your performance is on track and all your deliverables are in check, you will need to plan and keep track of all you do. Working from home can also be a massive test for your productivity. If you are not intrinsically motivated, you may not perform or deliver your tasks in time. To help you understand this new phenomenon and keep your productivity at par, we have compiled a list of tips that will help you to improve your productivity as you work from home.

Choose the Right Home Office

Working at home comes with a higher level of comfort. However, this comfort can affect your productivity in terms of target goals and focus. While you may wake up ready to get to work, you will have to resist the urge to take a nap on your couch or bed. 

To ensure this does not happen, you may have to develop an office inside your home where you are free from temptations. You can, for instance, use your study and remove any materials or objects that may increase your comfort to the extent of creating lethargy. 

If you do not study, choose a room with great lighting – probably a corner in your room. Additionally, get a good chair and place a desk that is neither too high nor too low next to it. Finally, ensure that your home office has all the necessary materials such as diaries, water, pens, and lamp.

Get Quality Technology

Working from home will require collaboration and virtual engagements. Consequently, you will need to get yourself some devices and technology to ensure that the whole experience is seamless. To start with, you will need to get yourself a good computer, storage devices, power backup, and task management technology. 

Additionally, you might find it a good idea to get some internet. Typically, when it comes to the internet, Wi-Fi is the first thing that comes to your mind. However, if you need a consistent experience that does not suffer strength disruptions, you may need wired internet. Essentially, you will need to connect directly to your internet router or hub through a cat6 cable

However, you should ensure that your cables are from a reputable cable manufacturer such as cables on demand. They are a cable manufacturer with a mission to provide quality cables and ensure easy Ethernet connectivity. 

Maintain Consistency during the Work Hours

Working at home comes with challenges in regards to consistency. Therefore, you should develop a routine that helps you keep time. For instance, you can use alarms to help you prepare for the working hours. 

Additionally, prepare yourself just like you are attending a typical workstation to keep the working hours. You should also clean yourself up, make arrangements, and set an end-of-work time alert. Starting your work late and leaving late may prevent you from being consistent, resulting in low productivity.

Interact with Your Team for Productivity

Working alone at home without the motivation of a team can lower your productivity. Therefore, using interaction tools, you can get in touch, consult and evaluate your performance against the team’s progress. This will keep you motivated and upbeat. 

There are many team interaction tools out there, with the most common being video teleconferencing applications. Other platforms that provide this capability include social media applications and company-provided interaction platforms.

Maintain Good Health

Productivity is directly connected to good health. You can maintain good health through regular exercising, eating healthy food, and keeping yourself away from stress factors. In any case, you will need your total concentration on your job when you are working.


While working from home can provide you with the best experience, the comfort that comes with it can lower productivity. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you keep an environment where you can work without disruption. Additionally, maintain good health and observe the set routines to ensure nothing suffers from your