Fashion constantly evolves, and keeping up with the changes and trends is very important. In the previous year, 2020, there were not many trends due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This led to people picking trends from streetwear, youth culture, and even celebrities, but somehow people did not get much inspiration that year. This is because people are used to picking the trends from fashion magazines and runways, but it was impossible with the pandemic.

However, in 2021, things are different. There are so many aesthetic and digital trends that are inspiring and depict bolder and fresher designs. The 2021 fashion trend has a considerable resemblance to the 90s fashion as the patterns of those times are evident. There’s a distinction between the two trends because the 2021 fashion trend is more classic and freshly invented, from the color mixing to the sizes and styles. Below are the leading five 2021 fashion trends ranging from beauty products to clothes and shoes that you can have in your closet.

Kratom beauty products

If you are a beauty fanatic, you can notice that most beauty products in the market in 2021 are Kratom-permeated products. Most people know the  kratom products for sale for anxiety, but kratom has other uses in the beauty industry. There are several kratom-infused products in the beauty industry. They range from hydrating lip balms to body lotions, moisturizers, bath salts, and kprodu-infused products in most essential skincare products.  What has majorly changed is the stigma behind this plant because of its association with cannabis. A majority of consumers now focus on the benefits of this dynamic plant.

Casual trench

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Trench coats have been proving indispensable since the First World War due to their elegant military cut. They also have always been in every fashion season, and the 2021 season is no exception. In addition to that, it has been an iconic choice for most women for decades, including royalties like Meghan Markel’s, who wore it on many royal visits. In 2021 this military-inspired outerwear look is exceptionally styled with heels and turtlenecks.

Power Bohemian Florals

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Bohemian florals are associated with spring, and flowers represent beauty, renewal, and the feminine side of nature. With women’s roles in society and their empowerment and equality,  the concept of feminine symbols such as flowers is becoming trendy in their clothing. This year designers are focusing more on these florals, taking over the rose prints and vintage wear. Get yourself a metal-boo floral dress to flow with the current fashion trend.

Puff sleeves

You often expect fashion to keep changing or developing, which is why we call it a trend. However, some trends are short-lived, whereas some stay trendy for longer, such as puff-sleeves. Many sleeves have been shown on the runway and in fashion magazines, such as the leg-of-mutton, the Juliet, the balloon, among many others, but the most predominant one is the puff sleeve. It’s a trend relatable to the 80s as it was shared on the runways at the time. This trend is now more popular than ever as sweaters, shirtdresses, gowns, double-breasted winter coats, among others, are now designed with this particular sleeve. Moreover, the trend is embraced by prominent designers such as McQueen, Fendi, and JW Anderson.

Maxi dresses

Maxies have always been one of the most multipurpose things women can wear. They are so flexible that you can wear them to a wedding by just styling them with heels or jewelry, or when going for dinner during summer, you dress them in sandals. Moreover, these dresses are very effective as they fully cover the legs even when relaxing on the couch; no wonder they dabbed the blanket dresses. This 2021 trend is spiced up slightly as the dresses are now designed in loud and bright colors, making them shiny. There are also bolder colors for individuals who prefer bold maxies and many more adverse shades that blend nicely.


The above are top fashion trends in 2021, but more like academia, tiger prints, loud logos, and white knee-length boots. However, sustainability of the trends is another thing altogether. Most trends come and go, yet others remain, and this is because designers can identify what people show off and love to wear then modify or upcycle accordingly. For 2021 you can already note some trends that have already been in the fashion industry for a long time but still get repeated. Therefore, as you look up to a closet change, be keen to note some of the trends that could stick for long. This ensures that you always remain relevant even with the changes in the fashion industry.

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