More than 300 large textile and weaving units are to be shut down for 14 days in Tiruppur and Coimbatore districts. The textile manufacturers are frustrated due to unstable yarn prices and the high-power tariff fixed by Tangedco.

The manufacturers also stated that the price of grey fibres and textiles has risen due to the volatility of yarn prices and high tariffs.

Subramanian M., the textile manufacturers’ leader, stated, “As of now, we have decided to shut down the power looms for a period of two weeks. We will meet in between and decide whether there is any requirement for change and decide.”

CITU leader and Powerloom Weaving Unit Workers Association general secretary (Tiruppur), R. Muthuswamy, said that shutting down power looms would affect the workers, who are mostly daily wage earners in the range of Rs 500–700. He said that this would lead to the huge loss of youth power from the industry.

Sources in the industry said that the state textile department has already forwarded the complaints from the textile industry regarding the hike in the power tariff and how it was affecting production. Now we have to wait to see whether the state textile department intervenes in the matter and settles the issues raised by the industry.