ContractOpen *HighLowCl ose *SettleChange
Jul ’22139.14140.70136.06138.94138.18-0.93
Oct ’22126.00128.25126.00127.23126.66-2.09
Dec ’22120.10120.38116.92118.14117.90-2.20
Mar ’23115.27115.53112.60113.50113.45-2.32
May ’23111.47111.90109.56110.19110.30-2.25

We are looking for – International Sales & Marketing Person for Fabric & Yarn.

Minimum experience 5 years

We Provide / Required Organic and BCI Fibre or Yarn please feel free to connect. 

Yarn Prices as on 6th June 2022:Prices FOB / Kg Indian Port
LC at Sight:
Ne 20/1 Carded Hosiery YarnUSD 4.44  /  INR 344.00
Ne 20/1 Combed Hosiery YarnUSD 4.89  /  INR 379.00
Ne 21/1 Carded Weaving YarnUSD 4.44  /  INR 344.00
Ne 26/1 Combed Hosiery YarnUSD 4.98  /  INR 386.00
Ne 30/1 Carded Hosiery YarnUSD 4.76  /  INR 369.00
Ne 30/1 Combed Hosiery YarnUSD 5.08  /  INR 394.00
Ne 32/1 Carded Weaving YarnUSD 4.76  /  INR 369.00
Ne 34/1 Combed Hosiery YarnUSD 5.28  /  INR 409.00
Ne 40/1 Combed Hosiery YarnUSD 5.47  /  INR 424.00
Ne 40/1 Carded Weaving YarnUSD 5.08  /  INR 394.00
Ne 30/2 Carded Hosiery YarnUSD 4.95  /  INR 384.00
Ne 32/2 Combed Knitting YarnUSD 5.54  /  INR 429.00
Ne 32/2 Carded Hosiery YarnUSD 5.02  /  INR 389.00
Ne 40/2 Combed Hosiery YarnUSD 5.99  /  INR 464.00
Ne 30/1 Combed Compact Weaving YarnUSD 5.21  /  INR 404.00
Ne 40/1 Combed Compact Weaving YarnUSD 5.73  /  INR 444.00
Ne 50/1 Combed Compact Weaving YarnUSD 6.12  /  INR 474.00
Ne 16/1 Open End YarnUSD 3.60  /  INR 279.00
Ne 21/1 Open End YarnUSD 3.73  /  INR 289.00
Ne 24/1 Open End YarnUSD 4.05  /   INR 314.00

Market Arrival & Price of Cotton in Various Regions of India

* Rate (INR) per Maund (1 Maund = 37.324 KG.)
PUNJAB (J-34) 
S/G* (Ready)
R/G* (Ready)
 Arrival (Bales)
S/G* (Ready)
R/G* (Ready)
 Arrival (Bales)
Rate S/G*
Rate R/G*
 Arrival (Bales)

* Rate (INR) per Candy (1 Candy = 355.6188 KG.)


Rate**(Ready)Estimated Length HVI
 H-4  (Marwar / Mewar Line) 95000-9650027-28  mm (as per quality wise)
 H-4  (Khairthal / Alwar / Behror) 96000-9700028.5 mm  (as per quality wise)
 H-4  (Beawar / Bilara / Sumerpur) 95500-9650028.5 mm  (as per quality wise)
 Arrival (Bales)

Rate**(Ready)Estimated Length HVI
 MECH-1  (Khandesh  Zone)97000-9800029 mm  (as per quality wise)
 MECH-1 (Marathwada   Line)98000-9900029 mm (as per quality wise)
 Bunny / Brahma  (Vidarbha Zone)99000-10000029+ mm  (as per quality wise)
 MCU-5  (Sillod)104000-10500030+ mm (as per quality wise)
 Arrival (Bales)
Rate**(Ready)Estimated Length HVI
 MECH-197000-9800029  mm (RD 72-73)
 MECH-198000-9900029  mm (RD 73-74)
 MECH-199000-10000029  mm (RD 75)
 MECH-1104000-10500030  mm (RD 74-75)
 DCH-32110000-11500034-35 mm
 Arrival (Bales)NIL
Rate**(Ready)Estimated Length HVI
 V-797 (Kalayan)56500-5750022 mm  (Trash 12-15% approx)
 S-697000-9800028.5 mm (as per quality wise)
 S-698500-9900029 mm  (75 RD)
 S-699500-10000029 mm+  (Stock Qlty.)
 Arrival (Bales)
Rate**(Ready)Estimated Length HVI
 Bunny / Brahma
99000-10400030 mm (as per quality wise)
99000-10500029-30 mm (as per quality wise)
 MCU-5  (Guntur)99000-10400029-30 mm (As per qualitywise )
 Arrival (Bales)
Rate**(Ready)Estimated Length HVI
 Bunny / BT 100000-10200029 mm (as per
quality wise)
 MCU-5  104000-10500030 mm (as per quality wise)
 DCH-32110000-11500034-35 mm
 Arrival (Bales)
Rate**(Ready)Estimated Length HVI
 MCU-5100000-10200029 mm  (As per qualitywise )
 MCU-5105000-10600030 mm  (75 RD)
 Arrival (Bales)



Total Arrival : 10,750 Bales

• Today the stock market opened with a fall. Today the BSE Sensex fell by about 86.08 points and opened at the level of 55683.15 points. On the other hand, NSE’s Nifty fell by 23.50 points to open at the level of 16560.80 points.

• Rupee opened with weakness today against the dollar in the foreign exchange market. Today the rupee opened with a weakness of 3 paise at Rs 77.65 against the dollar. At the same time, on Friday, the rupee closed at Rs 77.62 with a weakness of 2 paise against the dollar.

• Cotton planting in India, the world’s biggest producer of the fibre, could jump as much as 15% in 2022 to an all-time high, as strong prices prompt farmers to switch away from other crops, an industry association said.

• LAHORE: Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman has underscored the need to work on high quality cotton seeds in order to promote the textile industry and get maximum yield.

North Zone:

Cotton traded steady tone across major spot market of north India on Monday. Prices were quoted up Rs 80-100 per maund to Saturday evening. New crop ready delivery – In Punjab, cotton traded at Rs 1,0000-10,400 a maund. In Haryana, it offered at Rs 9,250-10,200 a maund while in Upper Rajasthan, cotton quoted at Rs 10,300-10,500 a maund.

Central Zone:

Cotton spot prices steady tone across west India market on Monday. Sankar-6, New Crop 29 mm (9% Moisture, RD-75+ & MIC-3.8), in Gujarat traded at Rs 98,500-99,000 a candy and B-Grade, 28.5 mm quoted at Rs.97,000-98,000 a candy. V-797 sold at Rs 56,500-57,500 (12-15% trash condition) a candy. While in Maharashtra, new crop good grade cotton (29mm) quoted at Rs 99,000-1,00,000 a candy.

South Zone:

Cotton spot price was steady tone across the major trading centers of south India.

US Cotton Futures :

Triple Digit Losses For Friday Cotton: The cotton futures market kept July contracts in the black for most of the day, but it faded in the afternoon to close 93 points lower. The new crop contracts ended the day with 192 to 232 point losses. For the week, July cotton printed a 7.88 cent range and closed 124 points in the red from Friday to Friday. Dec cotton stayed in a wide 8.81 cent range, and settled 4.1% lower wk/wk. Red December closed 79 points weaker on Friday at 93.76 cents/lb. That is down 4.64 cents (4.7%) from the LoC high on 5/18. Weekly Commitment of Traders data showed managed money firms were 1,378 contracts less net long in cotton week over week as of 5/31. That left the group 60,334 contracts net long – their weakest since July ’21. Commercial cotton traders added 3.5k new long hedges for a 2,627 contract lighter net short wk/wk of 104,117 contracts. Export Sales data released this morning showed 354,200 RBs of cotton was sold for 21/22 delivery. That was a 10-week high as China alone booked 144,700 RBs. USDA reported 22/23 cotton sales were 109,100 RBs. There are now 3.26m RBs on the books for NMY. Old crop exports were tallied at 484,200 RBs from the week of 5/26, a marketing year high. That left the accumulated export program at 10.1m RBs through 5/26. The Cotlook A index for 6/1 was another 50 points lower to 156.95.  USDA’s FSA reduced the AWP for cotton by 4.5 cents to 135.36 cents/lb for the week.

Jul 22 Cotton  closed at 138.18, down 93 points,

Dec 22 Cotton  closed at 117.9, down 220 points,