In March 2023, the US’s goods trade deficit decreased from $92 billion the month before to $84.6 billion, according to the most recent report from the US Department of Commerce. $172.7 billion in exports of products were made in March 2023, an increase of $4.9 billion from February 2023. In contrast, March has imports of goods, which came to $257.3 billion, fell by $2.5 billion. 

Additionally, it was estimated that wholesale inventories for March totaled $919.9 billion, an increase of 0.1% from February 2023 and 9.3% increase from March 2022. According to the Monthly Advance Economic Indicators Report, the preliminary projection of an increase of 0.1% for the percentage change from January to February 2023 remained unchanged.


By- Mansi Suryawanshi

Mansi Patil
Author: Mansi Patil