The Department of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) of India will provide funding to organisations who qualify for campaigns to promote products having geographical designations (GI). The initiatives would entail gathering data on the socioeconomic standing of GI goods producers, their means of subsistence, and other relevant information, it was stated.

According to a DPIIT note, “In line with the goals of the national IPR policy, the Government of India will provide financial assistance to eligible agencies for undertaking initiatives for the promotion of GIs, which aims to raise awareness about the value of GIs and their uniqueness, promote registered Indian GIs, identify potential GIs, and encourage stakeholders towards registration.

The textiles with the GI symbol include Thanjavur paintings, Chanderi cloth, Mysore silk, Kullu shawl, Allahabad surkha, and Prints from Farrugbad and zardozi from Lucknow. The financial aid will be provided to qualified organisations as 100% grants in aid.