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The impact of fast-fashion on the shirts market.

Published: May 21, 2019

Gone are the days when a shirt was only formal or work attire, simple and designed with a cookie-cutter approach. Today, with a plethora of designs and styles options available, it’s no less than a fashion statement for all occasions – work, casual or party. People go that extra mile to look stylish and trendy at all times, and obviously, since they are shopping more frequently and want something new every time. The growing consumer demand, no doubt, bodes well for the fast-fashion phenomenon sweeping across the Indian apparel industry.

Notably, among all apparel, the shirt is one of the most orthodox product categories that has held on to a two-season fashion model – Spring Summer and Autumn Winter – thus far. Times are changing, though. Fast-fashion brands are out there of course, but now the non-fast fashion brands are also upping the ante by introducing interim shirt collections or drops to cater to the growing demand. As international and home-grown shirt brands in India strive to shedaway the two-season convention, they are re-visiting and re-adjusting to develop their production and sales strategies, accordingly.

From Twin Seasons to Fast-Fashion

The permeation of fast-fashion on the shirt category is rather evident now and the orthodox shirt brands and manufacturers are rising up to the challenge, too. However, there are also brands that aim to defy the fashion trends in vogue and would rather focus on slow-fashion, producing premium, quality product with an exceptional aesthetic appeal.



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