In March, prices of cotton, maize, green gram, soybean and tomato were rising. Prices of turmeric, tur and onion were on a downward trend. The price of gram was fluctuating.

Maize Arrival in India has been increasing since the beginning of April. At present it is around 70,000 to 75,000 tons per week. Turmeric inflows were increasing by the end of March; Now it is declining. Chana Arrival has been steadily increasing in the market since mid-February and is currently around 1.5 lakh tonnes (per week). Soybean and tur imports are declining. The arrival of onions is 3 to 4 lakh tons while the arrival of tomatoes is 40 to 70 thousand tons.

Cotton Arrival is declining. Muga imports have also come down to around 5,000 tonnes at present. Cotton, tur and onion prices rose this week. From May 2, the NCDEX will start trading for September futures for millet, maize and turmeric, while the MCX will start trading for October, November and December futures for cotton.