• Step up your style this monsoon

Background: With the monsoon a good way off, and no puddles to navigate for now, there’s nothing to keep you from putting your best foot forward. Here’s how to do it

  • Flair up with florals
  • Skirts and shorts to the rescue
  • Choose the right hues
  • Mix up the monochromes                                                                                                                                                                                                                  How to dress for the rainy season: a working woman’s guide 
  • Background: It’s never easy to go about business in extreme weather. While monsoon in India for the most part is not the kind that hampers everyday logistics, it does cast a damper for a long four months in most parts of the country. Most workspaces aren’t forgiving of the weather report—you’re expected to turn in dressed like a professional come hell or high water. While your career doesn’t hinge on your wardrobe, still, your appearance has the power to enhance it.

    • What’s new with denim in India

    Background: If you look at the landscape of Indian fashion, homegrown labels make a mark in this untapped segment. The idea is to explore new washes and to combine something as basic as denim with more expensive materials. People are nowdays splurging into denim statements- A denim saree, Joggers, quintessential dresses with variant fits and flairs, Gym Jns, Kurtis, Jackets and a plethora of options available to choose from. While the Indian consumer does not hold back from spending heavily in the bridal category, shopping for a statement piece of denim is not a norm but a choice.

    • Colours of 2019 in men’s fashion

    Background: Fashion isn’t a word that’s buzzing among women alone anymore. Men are turning more conscious about their appearance and wants to keep themselves abreast of latest styles. Today, in men’s fashion, colours and patterns depend much on their work-culture. Interestingly, the millennials don’t really stick to 9-5 jobs, but prefer flexible work schedules. These days, many work while travelling. So, what are the colour trends in men’s fashion this year?

    • Talk points:

    ü  What colours suits the Indian skin tone of men

    ü  Which colours should be avoided this monsoon

    ü  When shopping next, which materials and smart t –shirts to be picked

    ü  Are the sayings written t-shirt a go to go this monsoon?