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Loepfe answers for a joint Swiss Textile Machinery press release on the topic of sustainability

Published: March 29, 2023
  • How important are sustainability aspects to your customers? Are machines bought because they  enable climate-friendly production or because – by reducing the consumption of energy,  chemicals and raw materials, etc. – they primarily reduce manufacturing costs? 

Sustainable management of limited resources is directly linked to corporate success for our customers.  Be it the successful achievement of corporate or environmental goals. Loepfe’s clearers utilize the latest  sensor technologies to monitor yarn. Mill and quality managers have full flexibility in balancing targeted  yarn quality vs. contingent productivity losses. 

Through deliberate settings of the market-leading YarnMaster® PRISMA clearer, significant savings in  yarn and energy wastage can be achieved. And all this while simultaneously improving the mill’s  environmental footprint. 

Loepfe Brothers Ltd. develop sensors and actuators to support machine manufacturers and production  mills in their routine challenges. New sensors such as presented by Loepfe at ITMA 2019 and ITMA  2023 set new benchmarks. 

  • What do you see as your company’s greatest contribution to sustainable development? 

Loepfe sensors and actuators directly address three dimensions of sustainability. The social,  environmental the economic dimensions. Sensors well-placed in the production process have a direct  impact on these dimensions. They keep the yarn quality at the desired level, they help to improve the  production process, and ultimately, they assure zero defects in technical applications such as airbags,  printed circuit boards, and safety belts.



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