Welspun India was the leading textile company in FY21 with total annual sales of Rs. 5,956 Cr. Vardhman Textile and Arvind Limited had annual turnovers of Rs. 5788 Cr. and Rs. 4529 Cr., respectively. Respectively, Trident’s total sales in FY21 were Rs. 4519 Cr. KPR Mill’s annual sales were worth Rs. 2953 Cr. Indo Count and RSWM sold textiles worth Rs. 2552 Cr. and Rs. 2326 Cr. The annual turnover of Filatex India in financial year 2021 was worth Rs. 2227 Cr. Nahar Spinning and Indo Rama Synthetics’ total sales were Rs. 2112 Cr. and Rs. 2022 Cr. In the year 2021.

Wazir Textile Index (WTI) –Q1 FY22

In Q1 FY22, the Textile Index witnessed a remarkable recovery in sales and EBITDA, surpassing the pre-Covid levels of Q1 FY20.

  • When compared to Q1 FY20, overall revenues increased by 10% in Q1 FY22.
  • When compared to Q1 FY20, overall EBITDA increased by 46% in Q1 FY22.
  • As compared to Q1 FY20, raw material and personnel costs have increased by 4% and 3%, respectively.

Quarterly Analysis for the Selected Top Companies

Welspun India’s total sales in Q1 FY22 increased by 10% to Rs. 1730 Cr. Sales of Vardhman Textiles climbed up to 1873 Cr. in the first quarter of FY22. On the other hand, Arvind Limited’s quarterly sales declined by 12% to Rs. 1339 Cr. in the financial year of 2022.

Trident Company’s sales were worth Rs. 708 Cr. increased to Rs. 1477 Cr. during the first quarter of 2022, whereas the quarterly sales of KPR Mill decreased by 3%. As compared to previous years, Indo Count has witnessed a significant growth in Q1 FY22 with total sales increasing by 26% to Rs. 738 Cr.

Companies like RSWM and Filatex India have not experienced much growth as compared to the past two years. Sales of RSWM and Filatex India as of Q1 FY22 increased by 3% and 0.1% respectively. Quarterly sales of Nahar Spinning, which were worth Rs. 210 Cr. in 2021, hiked up to Rs. 738 Cr. in the correspondent period of FY22. Total Q1 sales of Indo Rama Synthetics Company were worth Rs. 533 Cr. in FY20 and Rs. 118 Cr. in FY21, which climbed up to Rs. 670 Cr. by 12%.

Image Courtesy: Money Control

By: Somasree Roy, Textile Value Chain