During the mentioned period RMG export saw a growth by 34.87% year-over-year basis. Export reached US$ 38.52 billion during this time which was US$ 28.57 billion in July-May, FY 2020-21.

Export of knitwear was US$ 20.99 billion, while the export of woven garment was US$ 17.53 billion, registering 36.61% and 32.85% year-over-year growth respectively.

The single-month apparel export earnings in May 2022 was US$ 3.15 billion with 23.53% growth compared to May 2021. The growth rate has clearly started decelerating and our projection indicates further deceleration in growth in coming months.

The global economy and trade shows a depressing outlook ahead which is a concern for us, well we should not be pessimistic, rather need to be cautiously optimistic.

While we need to work on improving our efficiency and optimise cost, and need to encourage to reduce wastage – in our factories and in daily life.

Monthly BDs RMG export to world_July-May 2022