The month-wise RMG export statistics for the first month of the new fiscal year 2022-23. Today I am writing to share the country-wise RMG export statistics for the same period. Please find the statistics in the attachment for your information.

As per the statistics, RMG export to the USA, the largest export destination for Bangladesh, increased by 14.38%, i.e. from USD 599.53 million to USD 685.77 million in July. Export to EU grew by 13.36%, i.e. from USD 1.46 billion to USD 1.65 billion, during in the same period. Our export to Germany, the second largest export destination for Bangladesh, reached USD 517 million with 2.21% year-over-year growth. Exports to some major markets in EU region such as Spain, France, Netherland, Italy, and Poland grew by 30.27%, 13.88%, 27.98%, 4.14%, and 2.92% respectively.

Export to UK and Canada reached US$ 366.42 Million and US$ 112.30 million, with 32.31% and 7.33% year-on-year growth respectively.

At the same time, our apparel export to the non-traditional markets also increased by 22.72% and reached USD 545.32 million in July. Among the major non-traditional markets, exports to Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea increased by 4.26%, 71.74%, 18.53%, and 22.27% respectively.

Country wise BDs RMG export to world_July 2022