The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® held its victorious second Virtual Farm Tour, “Digging Deeper into the Trust Protocol,” an extensive tour of U.S. cotton. Brands and retailers from around the world attended the event, which took place over two days with four sessions accessible to all time zones.200+ individuals attended this event, including representatives from Amazon, Nike, Ikea, Ralph Lauren, Zara, many more. Before the tour, attendees took their very own mesmerizing trip into the Trust Protocol, which included viewing animations of each of the Trust Protocol metrics, exploring the map to know where exactly the U.S. cotton has grown, hearing about the hard work of the people working on the farm. Participants could even explore a virtual cotton farm and make the most of the opportunity by taking a selfie in the cotton field.
Over two days, attendees learned how cotton is grown from seed to boll and followed the natural fiber from the fields of states like Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Tennessee, to the shirts that line shelves in stores across the world. The event featured Trust Protocol grower members from across the U.S., academics within agriculture, tours detailing the textile supply chain, and two live Q&A sessions. During the sessions, questions were received from Lacoste, Sainsbury’s, Target, Adidas, among others.