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South India’s Cotton Yarn Prices Are Stable Now

Published: February 2, 2023

The prices of the cotton yarn have become steady in the South India because of slow demand of the weaving industry. The reason of steadiness can also be the budget of 2023-2024 which was recently presented.  The prices were  seen to be stable in cities like Mumbai and Tiruppur.

Despite of the budget being announced recently, the demand for the cotton yarn has been study in Mumbai. The demand for cotton yarn was already week due to the unannounced budget. In a city like Mumbai, 60% of the carded cotton was weft with varities (which were also traded per 5 kg with added GST).

In Mumbai, per 60 Yarn was priced at Rs.345-Rs.350. The prices went as high as Rs.1470-1490 per 4.5 kgs. In the market, there were around 262-268 per kg which were sold per kg. They were priced Rs.290-293 per kg. In Tiruppur, the cotton yarn sale was muted due to the new deals in the market. The remains of the downstream market might remain till Mid-march when the demand for clothing will rise.

Recently, In Tiruppur, the cotton yarn was traded are Rs.280-285 per kg with extra GST added to it. Cotton yarn per 30 count was priced at Rs.255-260 per kg, whereas the 34 count carded at Rs.265-270 per kg. Apart from Mumbai and Tiruppur, the prices of cotton are also steady in Gujarat. The prices were Rs.61,800-62,400 per candy for 365 kg candy. The demand for the prices are still high

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