Ludhiana cotton yarn costs are falling, while north Indian demand is declining

Published: March 15, 2023

After a reduction in yarn prices during the second half of last week, North Indian markets have observed a decline in cotton yarn prices today in Ludhiana. The cost of cotton yarn in the Delhi market has remained constant. Traders claim that the recent drop in cotton prices has raised the likelihood that yarn prices will soon lessen. This has made consumers less likely to make new purchases.

The cost of cotton yarn has decreased by two to three rupees per kg in the Ludhiana market. Following a dramatic drop in cotton prices last week in both India and the rest of the world, Ludhiana’s cotton yarn market experienced a similar trend. According to a merchant from the Ludhiana market, “Cotton yarn eased because of the decline in fibre costs. purchasers didn’t take a desire to make new purchases since they preferred to take a wait-and-see approach. 30 count cotton combed yarn was priced at 282-292 rupees per kilogramme in the Ludhiana market (GST inclusive). Traded prices for 20 and 25 count combed yarn were 272-282 and 277-287 per kilogramme, respectively. The price per kg of carded yarn in the 30 count ranged from 262-272.

In Delhi, despite weak purchasing, cotton yarn prices remained constant. The lacklustre response from purchasers also restricted trading activities. According to a trader from the Delhi market, “Yarn buyers were wary about near-term easing after the decrease in cotton prices. As they have enough stock for a few days’ worth of needs, they wished to postpone large-scale purchasing. I bought 30 count combed yarn from TexPro estimates that 30 count carded at $266-270 per kg, 40 count carded at $295-300 per kg, 40 count combed at $285-290 per kg (GST included).

The demand for recycled yarn in Panipat has been trending slowly. Recycled yarn was nevertheless offered for the previous price. The demand was not anticipated to increase in the foreseeable future, according to a trade source from Panipat. Prices for recycled cotton yarn remained essentially unchanged from before. Grey 10s recycled PC yarn sold for between 88 and 92 cents per kg (GST extra). 10s recycled PC yarn (black) was traded at ₹60-65 per kg, 20s recycled PC yarn (grey) at ₹105-110 per kg, and 30s recycled PC yarn (grey) at ₹150-155 per kg. Prices for crab were observed at between 155 and 160 per kilogramme. Polyester fibre made from recycled PET bottles was priced between $74 and $77 per kg.

After falling last Friday and Saturday, cotton prices in North India rose today. When ICE cotton prices crashed on Friday, Indian cotton prices fell 3–4% on Saturday. Yet, domestic cotton prices increased by 1% to 2% as a result of better purchasing at reduced costs. It was predicted that 16,500 170 kg bales from North India would arrive. In Punjab, Haryana, and higher Rajasthan, cotton was sold for between 6,100 and 6,200 rupees every maund of 37.2 kg, between 6,300 and 6,400 rupees per maund, and between 59,000 and 61,000 rupees per candy of 356 kg in lower Rajasthan.

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