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Cotton Market Bulletin – 27th January 2023

Published: January 27, 2023

Yarn Prices as on 27th January 2023: Prices FOB / Kg Indian Port
  LC at Sight:
Ne 20/1 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 2.85  /  INR 232.00
Ne 20/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.03  /  INR 247.00
Ne 21/1 Carded Weaving Yarn USD 2.85  /  INR 232.00
Ne 26/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.14  /  INR 256.00
Ne 30/1 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 3.06  /  INR 249.00
Ne 30/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.21  /  INR 262.00
Ne 32/1 Carded Weaving Yarn USD 3.18  /  INR 259.00
Ne 34/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.42  /  INR 279.00
Ne 40/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.61  /  INR 294.00
Ne 40/1 Carded Weaving Yarn USD 3.36  /  INR 274.00
Ne 30/2 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 3.36  /  INR 274.00
Ne 32/2 Combed Knitting Yarn USD 3.73  /  INR 304.00
Ne 32/2 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 3.42  /  INR 279.00
Ne 40/2 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 4.16  /  INR 339.00
Ne 30/1 Combed Compact Weaving Yarn USD 3.42  /  INR 279.00
Ne 40/1 Combed Compact Weaving Yarn USD 3.73  /  INR 304.00
Ne 50/1 Combed Compact Weaving Yarn USD 4.04  /  INR 329.00
Ne 16/1 Open End Yarn USD 2.32  /  INR 189.00
Ne 21/1 Open End Yarn USD 2.50  /  INR 204.00
Ne 24/1 Open End Yarn USD 2.81  /   INR 229.00
• Today, the BSE Sensex opened at a level of 59735.64 points with a fall of 469.42 points. On the other hand, NSE’s Nifty opened at a level of 17778.30 points with a fall of 113.70 points.

• Today, the rupee opened at a level of Rs 81.62 against the dollar with a weakness of 3 paise. On the other hand, on Wednesday, the rupee strengthened by 13 paise to close at Rs 81.59 against the dollar.

• Demand for Indian cotton in the export market has re-emerged with domestic prices dropping to levels of ₹61,000 a candy and its premium to global market rates declining.

• ICE cotton futures rose more than 2% on Thursday on stronger weekly U.S. exports, while also drawing additional support from upbeat sentiment in wider financial markets.

North Zone:

Cotton traded steady tone across major spot market of north India on Friday. Prices were quoted up to 40-50 / maund yesterday evening. Today weather clear. New crop – cotton traded at ready delivery – In Punjab,  Rs 6,250-6,350 a maund. In Haryana, it offered at Rs 6,200-6,350 a maund. while in Upper Rajasthan, quoted readty delivery at Rs 6,40-6,450 a maund.

Central Zone:

Cotton spot prices steady tone across west India market on Friday. Sankar-6, new crop 29 mm (RD-75 & MIC-3.8), in Gujarat traded at Rs 61,000-61,500 a candy and 28.5mm (RD-74) quoted at Rs.60,000-60,500 a candy. V-797 trade at Rs 44,500-45,500 (12-15% trash condition) a candy for February / March delivery. While in Maharashtra, new crop good grade cotton (29mm) quoted at Rs 60,000-60,500 a candy.

South Zone:

Cotton spot price was steady tone across the major trading centers of south India.

US Cotton Futures :

Cotton Fades Day Session Highs, Still Closes Higher:  Cotton pulled back for the Thursday close, but still ended up on the day. March had seen 222 point gains at the day’s high, but settled up by 84 points. The other nearby contracts were up by 44 to 78 points at the bell. December remains a 158 point discount to the March. Cotton export bookings from the week that ended 1/19 were 213,680 RBs according to FAS data. That was a weekly 2% increase but was still ~half of the same week last year. China was the top buyer with 59k RBs leaving their net commitments at 1.877m RBs of the 9.282 million total. Commitments trail last year by 21%.  The Seam had 4,753 bales sold on 1/25 for an average gross price of 81.8 cents. The Cotlook A Index was 101.15 cents/lb for 1/25 which was down by 130 points. The USDA average world price (AWP) for cotton was raised 262 points this afternoon to 75.05 cents per pound. It will be in effect until next Thursday. ICE Certified Stocks were 8,900 bales as of 1/18.

Mar 23 Cotton  closed at 87.5, up 84 points,

May 23 Cotton  closed at 88.02, up 78 points,

Jul 23 Cotton  closed at 88.34, up 63 points

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