At ITMA, Groz-Beckert will be exhibiting with its six product categories and a range of innovative luggage. Applications for augmented reality will be used to support the booth’s presentations. This enables customers to both physically and virtually explore the products.

The Groz-Beckert booth will feature four product areas from the knitting industry: warp knitting, flat knitting, legwear knitting, and circular knitting. For instance, two freshly designed knitting methods that were created in conjunction with machine manufacturers will be displayed in the circular knitting area. Energy savings, longer cleaning intervals, and improved process dependability are the main goals of the advancements.An innovative high-performance needle that was recently developed by the flat knitting group and is especially well suited for the creation of technical or sanitised fabrics. Groz-Beckert has improved both sock and fine hosiery needles and system elements in the bag for customers in the legwear business. These goods contribute to lower knitting process costs because of their excellent resilience. On display at its booth, the warp knitting product group will showcase new needle modules and a freshly created hole punching needle for piezo jacquard machines.

The Weaving Product Sector will showcase its freshly enlarged array of technological weaving reeds in addition to the machines for weaving preparation. The new weaving reeds allow suppliers to reach consumers that develop high-density fabrics. The weaving reeds are employed in the creation of specialised fabrics, such as those utilised in membrane technology, solar cells, touch displays, and technical filtration. The Felting (Nonwovens) product area will present goods and services for conventional needling and hydroentanglement. Visitors may anticipate two world premieres in the felting needles industry: a new notch form and the Groz-Beckert felting needle module. For the first time, the needles are inserted as a module in a plastic mould in the felting needle module. The needle modules offer new dimensions in needle density and have a very good deformation resistance.

The tufted product industry will be showcasing its tried-and-true gauge part system for the production of tufted floor coverings like carpets, bath mats, and artificial turf. A convincing outcome is ensured by the functional interplay and the coordinated use of the varied materials of the constituent parts. the creation procedure.The Carding product area will also display a number of current and upcoming technologies. The best interlocking wire in the world for less crash risk, for instance, is included for people with an interest in the nonwovens sector. The division will deliver upgraded stationary flats and rotating tops to customers in the spinning industry. The stationary flats now have a new, durable aluminium profile, while the new rotating tops have been modified to process fine yarns.

Focusing on the introduction of its SANTM special application needles, the sewing product industry. The sewing machine needles from the SANTM series have been especially created for difficult sewing tasks, such stitching fine or technical textiles. Additionally, the division will exhibit its brand-new Needle Finder. The interactive Needle Finder tool in the online customer portal aids consumers in choosing the proper needle.