The digitalization and automation of textile finishing manufacturing processes are the core competencies of Sedo Treepoint GmbH. With its management systems for dyeing and finishing equipment, the business is developing as the industry leader in many important global markets.

Sedo Treepoint has had a successful year in 2022. Things appear to be going well for the business, from introducing a new product line to taking part in trade shows and expanding into a developing market like India. In an exclusive discussion, Andreas Hannes, the company’s marketing manager, reflecting the upbeat views, indicated that 2022 was a terrific year for Sedo Treepoint. He listed the company’s major accomplishments for the year, saying: “In addition to the effective merger of At trade shows and events, such as Knit-Tech and India ITME, we were able to participate in promoting our new Sedomat 6000 | 8000 controller series and personally connect with our clients, partners, and friends. Andreas Hannes responded, “The markets are always in a state of transformation,” when questioned about the important international markets for the company where it holds a strong position. Real-world issues like the energy crisis and supply chain disruptions have an impact on the industry.

Yet the pandemic’s aftereffects are still affecting us all. India will be one of our most profitable markets in 2023. Vietnam and Bangladesh are also markets where we anticipate to be able to further enhance our market leadership. We are really optimistic about the upcoming year. bringing in 2023. For the time being, we all want to be spared from more problems so that we may concentrate solely on our business. The word “sustainability” is frequently used in the textile industry. Andreas Hannes further on how Sedo Treepoint’s products and technology guarantee environmentally friendly manufacturing, saying: “As was already indicated, sustainability has always been significant in various ways and is today more prevalent than ever. All of our goods have been created to be resource-efficient, using less energy, water, chemicals, and dyes. For optimal production planning from batch start to batch end and all connected activities, SedoMaster integrates all systems of the dye house or textile finishing plant into one system. To obtain real-time insights for enhanced productivity, it serves as our primary tool for the entire workshop. and business results. It aids in improving operational understanding and maximises the use of personnel, assets, and resources.