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Saraf Furniture to Bring 4 Day Work Week Policy in 2023

Published: January 4, 2023

-The Initiative is aimed at promoting Work-Life Balance for its employees 

-The Work Week will be operational in 2023

-First to announce in the furniture industry in India

New Delhi – Saraf Furniture, India’s solid wood furniture player proudly announces its new 4-week work policy. The operation of the announcement will commence in 2023. A leading manufacturer of Sheesham wood furniture, Saraf Furniture deals in a wide product range of home décor and furnishings. Major product categories include all kinds of furniture, lightning, accessories and rugs and carpets.

The aim of the initiative is to promote healthy Work-Life Balance for its employees. Employees will be made to complete their working hours between these 4 days and have an extended leave weekend for 3 days. Employees are really thrilled and are welcoming the decision whole heartedly.  The initiative will run for Customer Care, Tech and Product Management Teams for the first 3 Months. Acting as a pilot project, if successful the policy will be implemented throughout the organisation. Saraf Furniture was quite possibly one of the earliest furniture retailers to enter the coordinated sector through portable applications. The company hails from Sardarshahar, a small town in Rajasthan. They run their operations near the town, so as to provide employment opportunities to the locals. 

Talking about the announcement Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO of Saraf Furniture says, “We are extremely happy and proud in presenting this news to everyone. We have always prioritised our employees needs as they are the ones in keeping our business ahead. Hopefully this initiative will boost their morals and they will work more than their capacity. We are looking forward to implementing it.”

The company offers a very employee- centric approach in their business operations in addition to being customer-oriented. From providing period leaves to its women employees to giving 12 day holiday breaks to its employees in the past year, the company has done it all. Also the company is in talks about their expansion plans. Soon Saraf Furniture will be expanding their offline presence in major cities across the country.

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