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Sangam India Limited posts a revenues of INR 688 cr For Q4 FY23

Published: May 2, 2023
  • Gross revenue for the FY 22 -23 is INR 2715 cr against the FY 21-22 is INR 2438 cr 
  • The fabric division sees revenue growth of 25% of YoY.

Bhilwara, 0 May 2023:: Sangam India Ltd. (SIL), one of the foremost producers of PV-dyed yarn and seamless apparel, announced Q4 FY23 results recording revenue of INR 688 crores. The Gross revenue for FY 22 -23 stands at INR 2715 cr against INR 2438 cr in FY 21-22, marking a growth of 11% YoY. 

The company’s Export numbers for Q4 FY23 stood at INR 200 cr, whereas domestic sales for Q4 FY23 stood at INR 488 cr. Sangam’s overall domestic sales for the year ended FY 22-23 is INR 1958 cr against total export sales for FY 21-22, which is INR 757 cr.

Further, the Company has received an A rating; with a stable outlook in the current year by India rating for long-term debt stable and an ‘A1’ rating for short-term lending based on FY22 dated 24.03.22


About Sangam India Limited:

Established in 1984 by Mr Rampal Soni, Sangam India Limited personifies India’s growth story, by becoming one of the fastest-growing and most trusted brands in the textile sector, both in the local and global markets. Sangam is a leading textile conglomerate with a workforce of over 12,000 employees. Today it has 5 highly-organized production bases equipped with the latest technology and skilled workforce, spread across Bhilwara district, making it the largest producer of PV-dyed yarn at a single location with a total yarn capacity of 95,500 MT per annum. It is also a forerunner in manufacturing with an annual capacity to produce 50 million meters of PV fabric and 48 million meters of denim fabric. The company also has the capacity to produce 5.6 million pieces of garments per annum under the brand name C9 Airwear. Over the years, SIL has expanded its global presence by exporting to 58 countries, becoming one of the largest exporters of India’s textile ecosystem. 

Apart from being a corporate powerhouse, Sangam group is equally focused on the ESG aspect by being involved in environmental conservation, social welfare activities and organizational governance. From using solar power plants as a source of renewable energy, establishing schools and a hospital for the betterment of the community to implementing policies and incentives for the employees, the group is committed to taking these steps today for a better future tomorrow and adding value to the lives of people. 

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