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Repairing Yarn Clearers to Restore Original Rotor Performance

Published: March 30, 2023

One of Rieter’s most well-known and commonly used products is the semi-automated rotor spinning machine BT 923. (Fig.1). Rieter’s experience indicates that the yarn inspection and clearing performance of the yarn clearer IQ+ may degrade after five to ten years of continuous use, mostly because of the equipment’s advancing age. This decline in performance might result in problems like yarn non-cutting, which can result in inconsistent quality. The burden for machine operators will be greatly enhanced due to piecing and restarting as a result of greater yarn cutting and bothersome rotor spinning position stops. As a result, production efficiency as a whole declines.

The key to successful yarn cleaning is uniformity.

Rieter’s IQ+ yarn offers a quick and affordable answer. clearer refurbishing that can be completed at any of Rieter’s repair service locations worldwide. The unique restoration package includes new housing as well as replacements for worn-out and damaged housings. To achieve the highest quality, the yarn clearer is calibrated using sophisticated test tools after the refurbishment. On the basis of the original equipment specification, the yarn clearer reference value is recalibrated.

Advanced optical sensor technology with an integrated microcontroller is used by Rieter yarn clearers for an online assessment. This sensor accurately locates yarn flaws and notifies the machine’s software of them. Yarn clearers that are broken or not working properly can be repaired, which not only lowers maintenance costs but also lengthens the life of the spare parts. The consistent and uniform quality of yarn produced by each rotor spinning position renders operator involvement unnecessary.

Refurbishment benefits the consumer

We were able to restore the rotor spinning position’s previous performance thanks to Rieter’s refurbishing of the yarn clearer IQ+. False cuts and yarn flaws in the packages are also eliminated. According to Sriram, Factory Manager of The Kadri Mills Pvt. Ltd. (Unit of KG Mills), a vertically integrated textile company based in Coimbatore, India, and established in 1946, this gives us guaranteed yarn quality and an increase in production. With the BT 923 semi-rotor machine, the Rieter customer manufactures cotton rotor yarn counts ranging from Ne 10 to Ne 20. The yarn clearer renovation also benefited Chen Shun Ming, Chief Engineer of Zhejiang Huzhou Weida Group Co., Ltd., in China: “The functionality of the yarn clearer has been completely restored. was put back to work performing as before. We are quite delighted with the stable general performance of the rotor spinning machine and yarn clearer, as well as the improvements in miscutting and decreased blocking effort. In 1985, Zhejiang Huzhou Weida Group Co., Ltd. was founded. The business specialises in creating eco-friendly rotor mélange yarns made from viscose, cotton, polyester blends, acrylic, Tencel, bamboo, and modal blends, among other materials.

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