According to a representative of the Aditya Birla Group, the Quality Control Order, which requires cotton bales to be certified, is beneficial for the Indian sector since it will help to raise the standard of the cotton that is exported from India. “Whatever they have done to improve quality control is beneficial to the sector. India is the world’s largest producer of cotton, which is a traded commodity globally. So, it is apparent that the quality of cotton exported from the country needs to be improved.

At the fifth interactive meeting with the Textile Advisory Group held here the day before, it was decided to assess the development of initiatives for the cotton value chain. Piyush Goyal, the minister of commerce and industry for textiles, presided over the meeting. He emphasised how the superior quality of Indian cotton fibre benefits both farmers and industry.

On Thursday, he was addressing outside of an Assocham Summit in this location. On Wednesday, the government announced that it had adopted the Quality Control Order, which makes cotton bales need to be certified in order to increase the supply of high-quality cotton to the textile industry.