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Partnership between Colourtex and DuPontTM for Artistri® reactive and direct disperse textile inks

Published: April 18, 2023

As part of its long-term sustainability plan, DuPontTM Artistri®, a market leader in digital inkjet inks with more than 30 years of invention, is handing over manufacturing and delivery of Artistri® reactive and direct disperse textile inks to Colourtex Industries Private Limited (Colourtex).

For more than 50 years, the worldwide textile industry has been served by Colourtex, an Indian business with headquarters in Surat, Gujarat. Based on its expertise in ink manufacture, technical prowess, and location to provide the premium inks clients demand, Colourtex was carefully chosen. “With this strategic decision, our goal was to find a company capable of continuing to offer reactive and direct disperse inks at the quality level that the DuPontTM Artistri® products,” stated Tucker Norton, general manager of Artistri® Digital Inks at DuPont. are renowned for when printing textiles. These products will fulfil clients’ criteria for quality, performance, and delivery thanks to Colourtex’s extensive knowledge and manufacturing capabilities.Vishad Jariwala, Marketing Director at Colourtex, commented on this collaboration by saying, “We are pleased to include the DuPontTM Artistri® reactive and direct disperse inks in our digital inks line. With our extensive product line for textile applications and our demonstrated competence in production processes, we look forward to servicing digital printing customers worldwide.

Artistri® Digital Inks from DuPont

Leading producer and innovator of digital inkjet printing inks for use in commercial, packaging, textile, office, and home printing applications is DuPontTM Artistri®. DuPont’s patented dispersions, polymers, and ink formulas are combined in Artistri® digital inks to provide our customers across the world with digital printing solutions. from the deepest hues DuPontTM Artistri® offers premium digital inks that enable exceptional colour constancy and durability during production runs and over time, in addition to unique formulas. With more than 30 years of experience in inkjet technology and invention, Artistri® water-based inks offer a cutting-edge range of supplies to make your colours pop.

Colourtex was established in 1967 by the company’s current chairman and managing director, Mr. Jayantibhai Jariwala, and is now one of the most ethical dyestuff producers, offering a wide variety of dyestuffs and performance chemicals for every fibre.

The management’s unwavering commitment to environmental, ecological, and innovative initiatives bodes well for Colourtex’s future. Colourtex is a contributor to ZDHC, a member of ETAD, a bluesign System Partner, an EcoPassport holder, and a “Responsible Care” company. The spirit of the Chairman’s remarks is As Colourtex has said, “My people are my real assets, and they are the future of the Colourtex.”

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