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Loepfe Is One Step Ahead At ITMA 2023

Published: May 16, 2023

By displaying outstanding accomplishments from Loepfe users in the Textile Corner, Loepfe will show how its sensors keep yarn makers one step ahead of the competition.

Specialised sensor technology from Loepfe will be used to show how the smallest deviation in yarns can be detected and how intelligent software analyses the information to maximise machine productivity and quality. Visitors will have access to field study findings, fabric samples, and much more to spark engaging discussions.

For manufacturers who require high-quality yarns with maximum machine effectiveness, Loepfe offers options. Producers may cut expenses and waste, boost productivity, and benefit from ease of use with the most sophisticated yarn monitoring systems on the market.


By concentrating on the requirements of producers, Loepfe transforms quality control into profits through innovative technology and sophisticated software. Loepfe will highlight its YarnMaster® PRISMA and YarnMaster® ZENIT+ technologies, which are the industry leaders in terms of technology, performance, and demonstrated reliability for all winding applications.

The newly released PRISMA Autoclearing functionalities, which offer the ideal solution for ease of use in yarn clearing, will be a prominent highlight at ITMA. The easiest yarn clearing experience available is provided by PRISMA Autoclearing. The related MillMaster® TOP data system’s complete functionality, including trend analysis, planning boards for scheduling winding machines, clearer-assistant for cut forecasts, and more, is also available for testing by visitors.

In the open-end market, Loepfe will showcase our highly regarded and successful YarnMaster® EOS. It is well known that this rotor yarn cleaner satisfies the spinner’s need for consistent yarn quality and optimum machine performance.

The products offered by Loepfe go beyond the spinning industry, such as the thermal fabric cutting WeftMaster® CUT-iT and the all-purpose sensor WeftMaster® FALCON-i. Regardless of colour, conductive materials, monofilament, or multifilament yarns, the FALCON-i is renowned for zero-defect manufacturing.

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