The fifth-generation, family-owned Lion Brand Yarn Company, a global marketer and distributor of knitting and hobby yarn, is joyfully commemorating its landmark 145th birthday. Since its founding in 1878, Lion Brand has led the way in the American craft industry. Over the course of its long existence, the company has changed and connected with consumers through a variety of cultural shifts, most recently by creating fully sustainable products and collaborating with non-profit groups that support mental health and fight discrimination.

Adam Blumenthal, president, CEO, and fifth-generation family member of Lion Brand Yarn, said: “Few creative mediums have demonstrated their longevity and adaptability across cultures and trends throughout the years as much as the fibre arts. Lion Brand Yarn is proud to have been at the forefront of this wonderful, inclusive community since 1878.” Yarn from Lion Brand. “Our success and endurance are a testament to many things, including the quality, trust, and value associated with our brand, our constantly evolving product portfolio, the comfort our products provide to our amazing, highly engaged Lion Brand customers, and the ongoing support of our retail partners,” says the company.

More than 1 million of Lion Brand’s social media followers will be treated to historical content over the coming months that looks back at previous trends in the fibre arts category, shout-outs from enthusiasts, and chances to win Lion Brand gift cards, among many other surprises.

History and tenacity of Lion Brand Yarn are important: The company was established before the car, movies, Hershey Bar, and Coca-Cola. The corporation is still a market player today. leader, supported by cutting-edge social and digital media, driven by core legacy brands like Wool Ease®, Wool-Ease Thick & Quick®, Hometown®, Heartland®, Homespun®, and Pound of Love®; meaningful new innovative product introductions like Hue & Me® and Mandala®; and an extensive natural and sustainable fibre portfolio like Re-Spun® and Coboo®.

Additionally, Lion Brand Yarn helps knitters and crocheters by providing more than 8,000 free designs on their website ( and encouraging community involvement through a wide range of reputable blogs and influencers. The business has a long history of philanthropic work, collaborating with charities like Mental Health America, Knit the Rainbow, Warm Up America, HatNotHate, It Gets Better Project, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which has benefited from over $2 million in sales. from sales of Vanna’s Choice®, a brand launched in collaboration with longtime Lion Brand spokesperson and “Wheel of Fortune” star Vanna White.