In order to establish a long-term business partnership centred on the creation of synthetic cellulosic fibre, China Textile Academy Green Fibre Co. Ltd. and Renewcell, a Swedish firm that recycles textiles into new textiles, have signed a Letter of Intent. The agreement confirms the two businesses’ intention to collaborate in order to provide Circulose®, a 100 percent recycled textile pulp produced by Renewcell,-based lyocell textile fibres to major global fashion brands in the upcoming years. The Ekman Group, Renewcell’s sole international trading partner, assisted in facilitating the agreement.

With this collaboration, we take a further step in establishing the applicability of Circulose in commercial-scale production of lyocell fibres,” said Patrik Lundström, CEO of Renewcell. Lyocell is a high-quality, low-impact fibre produced utilising a closed loop system that is highly desired among Our fashion brand partners’ upcoming collections will include Circulose made from textile waste. I am amazed by CTA Green Fibre’s innovative ability and leadership, and I look forward to working with them to create circular fashion together.

China Textile Academy Green Fiber Co., Ltd. Chairman Yu Hanjiang stated that Renewcell is a remarkable innovative company and that the two parties are working closely together to promote Circulose®. Circulose’s commercial use in the realm of Lyocell will offer the fashion industry cutting-edge, sustainable materials with lots of potential.

The groundwork for a forthcoming offtake agreement between the parties is provided by the Letter of Intent that Renewcell and CTA Green Fibre inked. Commercial terms will be included in the future legally enforceable offtake agreement. for the five-year delivery to CTA Green Fibre of 18,000 tonnes of Circulose® dissolving pulp. Circulose® will be used by CTA Green Fibre as a feedstock in the production of lyocell fibres that will be sold to textile producers and clothing companies all over the world.