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Leading denim ingredient company ISKO looks into ways to promote sustainability in the production of clothing

Published: April 17, 2023

When it comes to production processes, which have been identified as some of the most damaging and impactful in the denim industry, in particular, there are still challenges ahead for the industry as a whole despite ISKO’s focus on advancing sustainability in garment production since the beginning with its Responsible Innovation approach.

To enable the denim industry to lessen its impact on employees and the environment, the sector needs modern technologies that are scalable and inexpensive, as well as collaboration. The challenge is to invest in new technologies and equipment, said Melissa Clement, head of product development at ISKO.

ISKO has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to ethical textile supply chains, raising consumer awareness, creating cutting-edge technology, and closed loop systems. Ctrl+Z, a material science solution, creates fabrics from a pure blend of recycled and regenerated materials. It has opened its first UK product development centre in London to assist firms in creating products using sustainable development methods. According to Melissa Clement, “Consumers awareness is key because the throwaway culture still needs to be addressed.”

The panel discussion “Closing the denim loop: the power of knowledge and collaboration” held at the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Conference in London featured ISKO’s Melissa Clement and denim expert Amy Roberton.

“As the situation continues to change, it is crucial that ISKO, as the industry pioneer, communicates a crucial message as it continues to pave the way for innovation in denim: solid practises, whether they Regarding washing or material, they can be put into practise on any scale with the aid of significant collaborations that foster information sharing and give circular concepts life. Melissa Clement said.







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