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Indorama Ventures Signs Partnership With Polymateria

Published: April 4, 2023

An exclusive 10-year agreement between technology specialist Polymateria Limited and Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), one of the top sustainable chemical businesses in the world, will allow household brands market biodegradable nonwoven hygiene products.

In order to ensure that necessary goods like facemasks and wipes can be properly returned to nature after being used without producing microplastics or harmful waste, our partnership offers a unique method for doing so. It is specifically made to address the problem of plastic leakage into the environment as unmanaged garbage, which is waste that is neither recycled nor collected for disposal. Since that uncontrolled garbage on land is the primary source of the majority of the plastic in our oceans, solving the unmanaged waste problem is essential. This collaboration intends to only that for necessities in personal hygiene.

In addition to supporting application in non-virgin resin recycling, IVL’s exclusive licence to use Polymateria’s distinctive biotransformation technology for nonwovens offers a solution for “fugitive” used products, especially those that end up in the natural environment. In this process of biotransformation, the plastic is converted into a bioavailable wax in an open terrestrial environment, where it is then completely devoured by bacteria, microorganisms, and fungi, leaving only carbon dioxide, water, and biomass behind. Under such circumstances, the pulp component is essentially biodegradable.

Both Polymateria and IVL are committed to developing consumer products that are more environmentally friendly. IVL’s ESG Council Chairman, Yash Lohia, stated: “I am thrilled with this 10-year cooperation. Polymateria’s technology is the result of a protracted search and technical due diligence procedure. That is undeniably an improvement over earlier approaches and works flawlessly with IVL’s sustainability plan. In the future, when hopefully some of the biggest brands in the world are marketing these items, I’m looking forward to seeing them on store shelves.

“Polymateria was formed to assist battle plastic pollution at scale,” stated Niall Dunne, CEO of Polymateria. This is precisely what we are providing through our most recent relationship with IVL. We are happy to have found dependable partners who value science and evidence as much as we do.

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