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In Tamil Nadu, Ansell begins packing and irradiation activities.

Published: March 29, 2023

The first phase of Go Live for Packaging & Irradiation Operations at Ansell’s new Kovai manufacturing facility in India, where they have so far invested $80 Million in this plant, was commemorated on March 24, 2023, with a gala launch event. Ansell is a global pioneer in personal protective equipment. The top executives from Ansell, including Neil Salmon, managing director and chief executive officer, John Marsden, senior vice president of operations, Gerald Koh, vice president of engineering and manufacturing technology, Dilip Savaikar, vice president of manufacturing operations, Anton Fernando, director of manufacturing operations, and Gobu Devarajan, director of QARA, were present for the event. An update on the plant project and a presentation on Ansell’s expansion intentions in India were given to more than 200 guests. There was an event to introduce consultants, contractors, and other stakeholders to one another. The festival also included cultural programmes to improve the overall experience for all attendees.

The Go Live for Phase One of our Ansell Kovai facility marks a major turning point in Ansell’s 130-year history, according to CEO Neil Salmon. With this significant investment, we are demonstrating our long-term commitment to India and guaranteeing that healthcare professionals all throughout the nation and the rest of the world can access the most cutting-edge surgical gloves of the finest quality that are “Made in India.” The excellent team we are forming here with Ansell values visible from day one in the passion of our people, as well as in the thought that goes into everything we do, has really impressed me on my first visit to the site for the Go Live event. and creativity that have gone into the structure, which I think will be a top-notch institution. For their exceptional work on this project, my gratitude is extended to the Tamil Nadu State, our numerous local partners, and especially our engineering and site management team.

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Thiru M. K. Stalin, and the state’s industry minister, Thiru Thangam Thennarasu, laid the cornerstone for this $80 million greenfield manufacturing plant at the Investment Conclave – July 2021, an event hosted by the State Industries Department and Guidance Tamil Nadu Team. Ansell, a pioneering company that leads the world in hand protection products, is pleased to invest in India as part of the “Made in India” project (Atmanirbhar Bharat). assist the global healthcare industry’s continued need for top-tier, cutting-edge glove solutions. The only glove manufacturer in India with its own manufacturing facility and a built-in Gamma sterilisation equipment is Ansell India. In order to fulfil India’s increasing demand, this would guarantee that the highest quality surgical gloves are made available at a fair price. The last phase will also see an additional $40 million invested, increasing the total investment to $120 million.

Ansell reached a turning point in July 2022 when its newest factory went into service, providing the world’s rapidly expanding Surgical and Life Sciences industry. Ansell’s production capabilities, particularly in emerging countries, are boosted by this new plant in India, which also supports the company’s global multi-sourcing plans.

While the focus of production This facility is planned with extensive future extension capabilities to handle a wide range of Ansell products, such as our examination glove line, and support our differentiated growth strategy in the upcoming years. It focuses on manufacturing surgical and life sciences products.

A 43,000 square metre manufacturing plant, a compounding facility, a dipping hall, a post-processing building, a warehouse, a packaging facility, an administrative block, a canteen, biomass hot water generators, and an industrial gamma irradiator will all be part of Ansell Kovai when it is finished in 2024.

The completion of this facility will raise the bar for Ansell’s environmentally friendly manufacturing.

When the facility is fully operational, it will be the first in the glove industry to operate with zero liquid discharge, which means that all wastewater is completely recycled and used again in manufacturing. Except from that To assist India’s goal of being a global leader in sustainably-built environments by 2025, all Kovai buildings are created in accordance with standards established by the Indian Green Building Council in 2001. An environment that is “sustainably built” is created with lifespan, adaptability, reusability, and recoverability in mind, as well as future climate threats.

Low-carbon, low-impact, non-toxic, and recycled materials are used in the Kovai plant’s construction. Ansell has committed to switching our plants over to renewable energy sources from fossil fuel-based ones. The result is that the new plant’s design uses as little water and energy as possible and makes the most of renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic panels and sustainably harvested biomass for thermal energy. It also emits no liquids and can recycle up to 80% of its wastewater as we relocate. towards our objective of using only renewable energy at this location.

The number of employees at Kovai will be close to 1,800, with the majority being recruited from the neighbourhood and space for future hiring. We are dedicated to setting and implementing gender balance goals at all leadership levels right away.


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