The continuous creation of new tools and technological improvements that streamline manufacturing is necessary for success in the fiercely competitive ERP software market. Trent Maynard has been promoted to Director of Product & Engineering at Global Shop Solutions, a pioneer in ERP software for factories worldwide.

According to Dusty Alexander, President & CEO of Global Shop Solutions, “our main goal has always been to simplify manufacturing for our customers.” Trent showed a tireless attitude for seeking out new technological improvements and product developments to make our clients’ life easier from the very first day of his employment with us. I want someone just like that to steer our product into the future.

Maynard started out in the manufacturing sector working for a business that was a client of ERP software from Global Shop Solutions. Soon after, he obtained a job with Global Shop Solutions where he would teach and implement software for both new and existing clients. He then changed careers, working as a business analyst, operations and technical consultant, and designing and developing innovative solutions for current and upcoming client difficulties.Maynard explains, “My focus has been three-fold. The first step was to assemble a team of some of our smartest employees and keep them on board in order to position our ERP system as a technical innovator in the market. Second, we organised our basic code to allow customers to create customizations without having to alter the underlying code, which let our product perform more smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. Third on the list is making it easier for users to update to new versions.

Internal Serving and External Customers

Maynard wants to ensure that Global Shop Solutions develops an ERP software that clients love using because it makes their tasks easier and more successful. As director of product & engineering, he is responsible for this. Additionally, he wants to draw in new clients by providing a superior product to what they are presently utilising.

In the end, adds Maynard, “it’s all about making sure our product checks all the boxes for our customers.” They frequently have no idea what is feasible, so we need to pay attention to what they’re attempting to do, comprehend it, and then determine how the software can alleviate their problems. We also want to create a product that our employees like using, that our engineers are proud of working on, and that attracts top talent. on behalf of Global Shop Solutions.

Ahead at full speed into the future

Integration with other software and technologies has been a trend for ERP software. Implementing AI testing tools and best practises as well as updating the software interfaces and tech stack of Global Shop Solutions are among Maynard’s duties.

Trent is the ideal candidate to lead the way since “how we build our tech stack has significant implications for what happens downstream with our customers,” adds Alexander. Global Shop Solutions’ Mike Melzer, VP of Operations & Service, concurs.

It’s uncommon to find someone with so much technical talent and shop experience, the man claims. “As a business, listening is one thing we’ve done really well.” when our clients offer suggestions on how we may improve. Trent is willing to listen and then steer the ship in the right direction. I have faith in his expertise, and his background gives us a significant competitive advantage as our business develops.

Maynard was an R&D Manager at Global Shop Solutions prior to being promoted, where he developed some of the company’s most significant product developments in terms of addressing customer needs and setting up the business for future growth.