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Ferraro will exhibit leadership by placing at ITMA 2023

Published: May 6, 2023

ITMA has always been crucial to the business. The company’s CEO, Alex Zucchi, revealed Ferraro’s plans for the upcoming ITMA 2023 in an exclusive interview, saying: “There is high anticipation for what promises to be the largest and most attended ITMA ever (nearly 1,800 exhibitors and 120,000 square metres of exhibition space), and plans are well underway. With the sole purpose of demonstrating to our customers why they should choose Ferraro, we are already working establishing the specifics of the stand and the new goods we will showcase.

For Ferraro, it would be business as usual because it is once more prepared to demonstrate its finishing leadership at the tournament.Ferraro is a business that has produced the world’s history of finishing, and this is our area of expertise, where we can brag about having the best technology, dependability, and value throughout time. The goal is to maintain fidelity to this and the market we are most familiar with while simultaneously introducing new technologies that can better adapt to a market that is continuously changing, in part due to the introduction of new materials, said Zucchi.

Multiple Product Types

Zucchi elaborated on the company’s product line by saying: “The market associates the Ferraro brand with open and tubular knitting compactors, for which we are the undisputed market leader, but over the years our catalogue has grown significantly with rubber sanfor for knitting and woven, where we are the global market leader. Additionally, we have specialised high productivity lines. We also produce washing systems for cleaning fabrics and removing oil, as well as padders, enzyme washers, entrance devices with centring and widening devices, slitters, and winding units, as well as a variety of accessories like rotary cutters and sprayers.Zucchi responded to a query about the company’s major international markets by saying: “We work on a worldwide scale and are present in all the major markets both with local service workers and representative agents. Asia is undoubtedly our target market, and its significance is only increasing. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Thailand comprise a significant portion of global textile manufacturing for our finishing sector. Regarding developing markets, we discover a There is a great deal of interest in our products in nations like Vietnam and Uzbekistan.

Thrust towards sustainability

At ITMA 2023, sustainability will be a key area of focus. Alex Zucchi, a spokesperson for Ferraro, explained how the company helps its clients achieve their sustainability goals through its products and solutions: “Sustainability is now our key driver in designing and manufacturing new goods. Solar panels installed at our manufacturing facility are capable of supplying all the office and production-related electrical energy requirements. Additionally, Ferraro was among the first businesses to sign up for ACIMIT’s (the Italian Association of Textile Machinery Manufacturers) “Green Label” programme, which encourages textile machinery manufacturers to create and construct machines that are more environmentally friendly. consumption- and recycling-efficient. Ferraro Spa has achieved outstanding results as a result of these strategies, which may be summed as a reduction in overall energy consumption of 47%, a reduction in overall steam consumption of 6%, and a reduction in overall air consumption of 37%.The concept of sustainability has never previously been so central to our everyday lives, according to Zucchi, who also noted that it will continue to play a significant role in industrial development in the future. Every Ferraro machine in use today responds to this tagging. He highlighted the company’s significant advantages by saying: “Ferraro’s experience in the area is unique, having begun producing textile machinery more than 70 years ago. For a customer, this translates into security. who can always rely on a reliable business with thousands of clients and units all over the world, which is present and attentive to market demands. Ferraro is also committed to innovation; at the moment, the focus is on fully integrating all of our gear with digital flows like Industry 4.0, cloud computing, and predictive maintenance for remote support.

collaboration with Batliboi

Over the years, Ferraro and Batliboi, which represents it in the Indian market, have established a fruitful working relationship. Zucchi provided further details about the productive collaboration, stating: “Indeed, India plays a crucial role in the development of our strategy, and working side by side with Batliboi in the Indian market for a long time has shown to work remarkably well, as we have seen. It combines the qualities of a technologically superior and dependable product that was totally designed and constructed in Italy with the knowledge and broad presence of a significant and specialist local Indian enterprise.It is true what they say about strength being found in unity. This collaboration forces us to offer robust yet dependable technology with the newest features, particularly in the fields of remote assistance and workflow integration and management. We have given India priority in our plan of initiatives and concentration because it is anticipated that it would further solidify its place in the global ranking for textile production. We have also increased the level of interaction with our strategic partner Batliboi.

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