Richland County will be the site of the first South Carolina operations for Xerxes, a Shawcor Ltd. affiliate. 80 new employment will be added by the business.

With the installation of a new production facility for its Xerxes division, Shawcor Ltd., the parent company of Xerxes, will increase the production capacity of its composite systems sector in the United States. Underground storage tanks made by Xerxes, a market leader, are largely employed in the retail petroleum, storm water, and wastewater industries.

Global material sciences corporation Shawcor Ltd., which serves the infrastructure, energy, and transportation sectors, is growth-oriented. A network of stationary and mobile manufacturing and service facilities supports the company’s operations. Its three business divisions, pipeline and pipe services, automotive and industrial, and composite systems, enable responsible renewal and improvement of crucial infrastructure. while reducing risk and environmental effect, infrastructure.

Xerxes intends to rent a new production facility at 141 Hobart Road in Blythewood, which will increase the company’s capacity to deliver industry-leading underground fuel and water storage tanks.A gradual approach to populating the facility will be used. By the end of 2024, it is anticipated to be operational, and by 2026, output should start to return to normal levels. Visitors to the Xerxes website should go to the contact page if they want to join the team.

“Our new Xerxes facility will bring 80 jobs to Blythewood, while positioning us closer to our U.S. customer base and expanding our ability to serve the eastern-U.S. market with underground storage tanks.” -Martin Perez, President of the Composite Systems segment at Shawcor Ltd.

“South Carolina welcomes Xerxes with pride.” as they become a part of our vibrant business community. Another win for our state comes from their choice to locate in Richland County and create 80 new jobs. Henry McMaster, governor

“Xerxes’ arrival in South Carolina is a source of great excitement for Blythewood, and we are happy to welcome him. The significant resources provided by our state will enable Xerxes to establish a strong platform for success and subsequently advance economic prospects in Richland County and elsewhere. -Harry M. Lightsey III, Secretary of Commerce

“Xerxes’ investment in Blythewood will bolster Richland area’s expanding vibrancy and set the area up for potential future economic growth. Richland County is a prosperous place, therefore we are delighted to welcome the Xerxes family while raising the level of the way of life in the areas we serve.” Chair of the Richland County Council, Overture Walker