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Coloreel Reaches Milestone With Its 100th Patent, Strengthening Its Robust Patent Portfolio

Published: June 1, 2023

With the addition of its 100th patent, Coloreel has a sizable portfolio of international patents for its ground-breaking digital thread dyeing technology.

Any embroidery machine can quickly alter the thread colour during production thanks to Coloreel’s technology. When used in conjunction with Coloreel, embroidery machines may instantly access millions of accurate colours.

The corporation has a total of 14 active patent families throughout 45 important nations. All crucial facets of Coloreel’s technology and products are covered by this extensive variety of patents that are actively in use. The patents cover both the embroidery application in use now and prospective new commercial ventures like knitting and industrial sewing.

Coloreel was founded with the goals of minimising waste, promoting creative flexibility, and improving the productivity of needlework. With this most recent accomplishment, Coloreel can guarantee its ability to safeguard its unique position within the embroidery industry whilst it develops and expands its business globally.
“We are proud to have obtained worldwide patent protection for our Coloreel technology. These patents allow us to expand our presence, enter new markets, and shape the future of the embroidery industry. We look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead as we continue to innovate Coloreel’s technology and products.” Says Michael Almroth, VP Research & Development at Coloreel.

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