Chad Altbaier and David Wang have been promoted to co-CEO positions at Standard Fibre, one of the world’s largest innovators and suppliers of home textiles. They will be responsible for steering the business in a bold new direction of advanced textile innovation, consumer-responsive product design, and unmatched global production capabilities.

Altbaier, who was formerly the CCO of Standard Fibre, will oversee sales, merchandising, product research and development, human resources, IT, and strategic business growth. Wang, who was previously President and COO of Standard Fibre, will concentrate on managing the world’s supply chain, manufacturing, and operations.

“Chad and David bring a track record of excellence, trust, vision, and accomplishment to our community,” stated Glenn Boschetto, chairman of Standard Fibre. “Standard Fibre is well positioned with 25 years of demonstrated performance from an exceptional team of professionals, together with its debt-free financial structure. for enviable growth under their leadership.”
“We’re thrilled and humbled to have this opportunity to design and execute an aggressive path for Standard Fiber’s future”, stated Altbaier and Wang. “Our plans include implementing an assertive strategy that includes expanded nearshore manufacturing capabilities, broadened global supply chain partnerships, strategic product and distribution expansion, dedicated R&D to pioneering textile technologies, all while maintaining a firm commitment to investing in a best-in-class team across our worldwide operations.”