In ground-breaking business news, MAS Holdings subsidiary Noyon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. and CALAIS DENTELLES holding company subsidiary DESSEILLES CALAIS announced the sale of NOYON CALAIS’ IP rights and other intangible assets to Noyon Lanka.
A French lace manufacturer with more than a century of history in the business is NOYON CALAIS. By combining the legacy and heritage of NOYON CALAIS SAS and MAS Holdings’ technical proficiency and manufacturing expertise, this Intellectual Property (IP) purchase has elevated Noyon Lanka to the position of industry leader in the manufacture of lace. The French company DESSEILLES CALAIS has the chance to concentrate on their primary luxury core market thanks to this deal.
With the use of the acquired IP and other assets, Noyon Lanka is now able to find inspiration, design, and sell lace items. and produce lace goods under the trade name “Noyon.” Additionally, Noyon Lanka will now be the owner of all “Noyon” trademarks formerly held by Noyon Calais. Additionally, Noyon Lanka will now be the owner of all of Noyon Calais’s archives, which contain drawings, draughts, and samples of lace and embroidery materials from the 19th and 20th centuries.
With the acquisition, Noyon Lanka improves its capacity to offer premium lace goods to clients all over the world while preserving the great tradition and history of lace production in France.
Ashiq Lafir, the CEO of Noyon Lanka, commented on the acquisition and said, “This acquisition will allow us to increase our product design capabilities and solidify our position as the world leader in lace manufacture. We are honoured and pleased to continue NOYON CALAIS’ incredible legacy by fusing it with our scientific knowledge. capability to produce stunning, cutting-edge lace products for our clients.”
The parent company of NOYON CALAIS, CALAIS DENTELLES, Director General and CEO Sébastien Bento Soares, added that “This asset sale enables DESSEILLES CALAIS to focus on our core luxury market and ensures that the rich history and legacy of Noyon’s lace continues to effectively serve its long-term customers, who have come to rely on Noyon’s heritage in lace to supply some of the world’s leading brands with the finest
Noyon Lanka was founded in 2004 as a result of a partnership between MAS Holdings and Noyon Calais France, a leader in the knitted and leavers lace industries. Noyon’s lace producers and designers now release more than 450 styles annually, including collections ranging from multi-way stretch, high tenacity lace to engineered lace for fabric.
In addition to its production facilities in Sri Lanka, the company has a global footprint with a manufacturing presence in Indonesia and China