According to creator and creative director Haresh Mirpuri, Aranyani is dedicated to ethical and sustainable manufacturing, and by 2023, the firm hopes to switch to chrome-free, vegetable-dyed leather. Aranyani is India’s first international luxury handbag brand.

In an exclusive interview, Mirpuri emphasised the company’s dedication to eco-friendly practises, including buying leather from tanneries that aim for zero waste and detoxify and recycle their wastewater. Aranyani also uses hides from animals grown for meat rather than exotic leathers. These ideals are embodied in the brand’s London concept shop, which was constructed using sustainable, locally sourced materials.

“We understand that protecting our employees’ wellbeing cannot be done at the expense of running a sustainable business. At Aranyani, we make sure that our artisans receive fair pay that is comparable to European standards. standards,” Mirpuri told