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Baldwin at ICE Europe 2023

Published: March 21, 2023
  1. LOUIS — March 7, 2023 — Baldwin Technology Company Inc. — a one-stop source for high-performance treating, cleaning, curing, coating and inspection solutions — will introduce a groundbreaking solution that makes maintenance and cleaning of its pioneering corona surface treatment technology easier than ever at ICE Europe 2023, which will take place at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany, March 14-16

Also, across the hall at the Munich Trade Faire Center, Baldwin’s Oliver Jentschke will be presenting “Boxing Clever in Corrugated – Squeezing more out of what you already have” at the Corrugated & Carton Exhibition (CCE). He will be discussing the exponential increase in corrugated demand, and how new practices and technology can help corrugated printers increase output, safety and product quality. 

Baldwin provides printers, converters and manufacturers with expertise and a broad range of market-leading innovations that offer superior results and enhance the economic and environmental efficiency of production processes. Solutions on display at ICE will include corona surface treatment systems, automated cylinder cleaning systems, LED-UV curing, roto-spray systems, and technologies for color management and defect detection. Common to all the technologies is that they increase productivity, reduce waste, improve working conditions and provide full control of producing flawless products. With easy automation and compatible software, Baldwin’s technologies are seamlessly integrated with one another. By stacking their tech with Baldwin, converters can compound the benefits of Baldwin’s solutions and achieve superior results. 

Baldwin will be showcasing the “Easy Change” feature for its corona treatment systems, which allows for a seamless replacing of electrodes and a rapid cleaning and removal of fiber and dust residues. Easy Change results in a complete cleaning in just seconds, reducing downtime to a minimum. Cleaning with Easy Change does not require a special skill set or tools – anyone can do it

“We provide tailor-made corona treatment systems perfectly adapted for each converting process,” said Baldwin Technology product manager Alexander Rau. “The new Easy Change feature makes the process efficient and smooth, and our operators have never been happier.”   

Also at ICE, Baldwin will feature its automated FilmCylinderCleaner™, which consistently and efficiently cleans debris from the surface of process cylinders, ending the need for hand-cleaning. By automating this process, film extruders avoid stopping the line for debris buildup on the cylinder surface, eliminating restart waste and web-breaks, and dramatically increasing operator safety. By enabling shorter production changes, the FilmCylinderCleaner increases output and efficiency, while improving quality.

Customers don’t want to clean these large cylinders by hand,” Matthias Knoch said. “The demands for a safer working environment, quality output, reduced downtime and increased production capacity are driving the industry to adopt automated solutions. Baldwin’s automated FilmCylinderCleaner is a proven, easy win that offers the added benefit of dramatically reducing the risk of damaging cylinder surfaces.” 


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