When one thinks about fashion, the words like glamour, style, and trend, etc. immediately comes to mind rather than words like sustainable or eco-friendly. Sustainable fashion has been gathering impetus globally in the past decade.

Sustainable fashion is a viewpoint towards sourcing, production, and designing clothes that capitalize the interest to the fashion industry and society at great, while at the same time decrease its effect on the environment. The two concepts are overspread in belief, but they each have slightly unlike concerns, both equally evaluative to the future of fashion.

Fashion, as it emerges, is a whole lot more compound than pencil skirts and shoulder pads, and with all the greenwashing it surely does not make it easy to find sustainable clothing.

While the road towards sustainability in common is not easy, it is now analytic that we all learn what is certified as truly sustainable fashion.

Reasons to Choose Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry as well as known as one of the most contaminated (polluting) industries in the world. Making an aware decision to shop with sustainable brands will make a difference to the planet and the people within it.

Here are some reasons why you might want to make the shift to sustainable fashion.

  1. Quality reduces waste

Sustainable brands basis on quality, using materials and conclude that are made to last as well as being genus to the environment. The clothing manufacture by fast fashion brands is not made to last but the aim is to get you to buy more and more, so why would the center be on making quality long-lasting clothing? In choosing sustainable brands that give quality, you can decrease your waste as well as the amount of clothing that you buy and also saving you money.

  1. You should do what you 

Fast fashion is all about trends and fashion, but we have been told what to wear for so long many of us have not remembered what our style looks like. Many sustainable brand’s focal points are to creating timeless pieces of high quality. Acknowledge your style, say goodbye to money-wasting fashion trends, and wear clothes that represent you.

  1. It is better for the planet

The fast fashion industry leaves beyond a vast environmental footmark. From the backfill impact, strength, and water consumption, to the pesticides and insecticide used in increasing cotton and the chemicals that are building their way into the water supply and influence the health of those in the supply chain, it is safe to say fast fashion is real trouble for the environment. In selecting sustainable fashion, you can say no to keeping up with the negative environmental impact that the fashion industry brings out, and in turn, decrease your environmental footmark.

  1. It is better for people 

Fast fashion has kept the cost of clothing down at the cost of low pay and situation in expanding countries. By shifting to sustainably made brands you are ensuring that the clothing you select to spend your money on has not taken advantage of workers or utilize any child labor.

Sustainable fashion shopper and consumer need to know

A new survey by clean manufacturing producer Geomatics reveals sustainable fashion remains elusive for many shoppers due to the absence of accessibility and reliability information from brands on what makes clothing sustainable.

42% of shopper’s unconfident what makes product sustainable

A survey of 2,000 teenagers and adults in the U.S. set out to acknowledge consumers awareness, outlook, and performance around sustainability in fashion, finding that 86% of consumers trust sustainability is a good objective, yet nearly half that is 48% don’t know how or where to find sustainable product and 42% shoppers are confused about what makes clothing sustainable.

Consumers are aware of the environmental matter in the fashion industry

Nearly 72% of consumers have heard of environmental sustainability matters in the fashion industry, having awareness of excess utilization, carbon discharge, and water pollution from dye processes.


Half of the consumers that is 51% trust that Americans’ clothing purchases each year consequence in substantial greenhouse gas release. The pandemic may have helped grow consumer awareness: 38% who are aware of sustainability matters in fashion have become aware of them over the past year.

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Author: Pooja Parihar

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali