• Views of Mr. Nitin Shah, MD of Jakharia fabric.

We started our journey in processing industry in year 2005 with a small processing unit in Bhiwandi and since then we have started 4 units in fabric processing. Currently we are at 80 lakh meters per month and planning to expand to reach at 1 crore meters of fabric processing per month. We are a small player in Indian fabric industry . We have been more focused in Linen and printed fabrics.

  • Design and Printing importance

Design is very important in every product. In fabric it is all the more important as its colour , texture and finally design that gives a wide scope of variation in fashion industry.

As of now we are in rotary printing which is the most preferred and versatile. We will be adding Digital printing very soon as it is the solution to fast fashion and small quantities. Design is more about creativity than research in fabric design.

We are using HEIQ, Viroblock for all types of antiviral finishes as it is one of the best technologies.

Embroider Fabrics / Surface pattern Fabrics / Woven Fabrics / Printed Fabrics are evolved and almost all type of fabrics are in trend now, its how you play with designs that sets the trends and as market is growing there is space for all types of fabrics.

At Jakharia, we believe in circular fashion for a better world. We surpass all requirements for GOTS and Oeko- Tex and are in the process of getting these certifications. We are a zero liquid discharge company. All waste water is recycled and reused. As of now we have not planned to use these as they are still at very initial stages of development.

We have a dedicated Team of designers, there is no standard formula for selection of designer, It depends on understanding And output that a designer can deliver.

  • Sustainable Fabrics Market

Sustainable fabrics market is growing by the day as all brands have set a target to be 100 % sustainable. In next 5 to 10 years . This is the only way forward. Almost all major buyers are moving towards Sustainable fabrics and we are working towards it as well .We are a zero liquid discharge unit and are in the process of getting organic certification.

There has been complete disruption in the supply chain since the pandemic resulting in mismatch of demand and supply which has led to huge spike in all commodities price and availability but as things open up slowly the demand supply gap will be bridged resulting in correction and finally they will be available at the right prices.

We have been upgrading ourselves and we will have to keep doing it to sustain in the fast changing World . We are investing in software , technology and systems to cater to the need of our buyers.