India’s textile exports increased significantly between January and May 21 as compared to January and May 20. Exports of manmade staple fiber were worth 222.95 million USD in Jan-May 21 which had increased from 148.84 million USD in Jan-May 20. Export of raw cotton including waste more than doubled in 2021 during the same period. These exports swelled up from 0.58 billion USD between Jan-May 20 to 1.38 billion USD in Jan-May 21.

Cotton yarn, fabric and made-up exports were worth 2.47 billion USD that climbed up to 4.16 billion USD. Exports of readymade cotton garments was worth 2.59 billion USD between Jan-May 20 rising to 3.51 billion USD in 2021 during the same period.

Export of wool swelled up from 41.85 million USD between Jan-May 20 to 45 million USD in 2021 during the same period. Silk yarns, fabric and made-up, RMG and Carpet export was higher between Jan-May 21 than in 2020 during the same period. RMG silk export was worth 63.91 million USD which was highest export in silk category during the mentioned period. Carpet exports were 3.97 million USD between Jan-May 21. Silk Yarn, Fabric and made-up export was 16.75 million USD between Jan-May 20 that hiked by 3.16 million USD in 2021 during the same period. Handloom products and handmade carpet exports were 112 million USD and 524 million USD respectively.

Cotton Yarn exports were worth 3.89 billion USD which was higher than the respective exports of next two fiscal years. These exports dwindled in FY 20 with a little hike in FY 21 when they were worth 2.79 billion USD. Cotton yarn exports were worth 0.335 billion in April 2021, furthering swelling up to 0.396 billion USD in May 2021.

Cotton yarn exports between Jan-May 2020 were 0.97 billion USD climbing up to 1.604 billion USD in 2021 during the same duration. Bangladesh was the highest importer of these yarns in both the years between Jan-May. During Jan-May 2021, Bangladesh imported cotton yarns worth 0.48 billion USD. There was a drastic change in Colombia’s imports from 19 million USD in Jan-May 2020 to 44 million USD in Jan-May 2021.

Exports of cotton fabrics from India were highest in FY 19. There was a decline in these exports in the next fiscal years due to the covid 19 pandemic. Exports of cotton fabrics in April were highest in 2021 that was worth 148.73 million USD. Exports of these fabrics in April 2021 and May 2021 summed up to 278 million USD. These exports were lowest in April 2020 when they were valued at 11.37 million USD.

During the Jan-May, Bangladesh was the highest importer of cotton fabrics in 2020 as well as 2021, during the mentioned period valued 91.90 million USD and 117.50 million USD in both the years. There was a significant growth in these exports to all the countries.