India’s textile industry is recognised as a pioneer industry, as the resources it generates have aided India’s industrialisation in other sectors. Textile machinery production is one of the most important segments of India’s machinery manufacturing industry.

In this business, there are approximately 1000 machinery and component production facilities. Nearly 300 units produce entire machines, while the other units produce textile machinery components. The Indian textile machinery industry is expected to grow to INR 45,000 crore by 2022. Machines for processing textile fibre exports were worth 70.36 million dollars in July 2020 and around 117 million dollars in July 2021. By the end of July 2021, exports of auxiliary machinery and parts for textile machines had increased by 40.89 percent, totalling 97.33 million USD. Weaving machine (loom) exports increased 28.77 percent from 16.89 million USD in 2020 to 21.75 million USD in 2021.Exports of knitting, lace, embroidery, tufting, and other machines totalled $5.79 million at the end of July 2021.In comparison to the previous year, exports of machinery for creating felt, nonwovens, and hats dropped to 0.37 million USD. India’s total textile machinery exports increased from 160.27 million USD during Jan-July 2020 to 242.23 million USD in the correspondent period of 2021.

Exports of machines for processing textile fibres

Turkey has maintained the position of top importer of machinery for processing textile fibres since 2020, with imports growing from 9.46 million USD by July 2020 to 26.73 million USD at the end of July 2021.In 2020, India exported machines worth $0.55 million USD to Egypt, which increased to $12.41 million in 2021. Bangladesh came in fourth place, with total imports of 10.76 million USD, which decreased by 17.67% compared to the previous year. Both Turkmenistan and Germany imported machines worth approximately 5 million dollars. India exported machinery worth 4.29 million USD to China by the end of July 2021. In the first seven months of 2020 and 2021, total exports of machinery for processing textile fibres were worth 70.36 million USD and 117 million USD, respectively.

Exports of Auxiliary Machinery and Parts for Textile Machinery

China secured the leading position in both years, importing 6.68 million USD in auxiliary machinery and 13.06 million USD in textile machinery parts. China’s imports grew by 95.51%.In 2021, Japan purchased machinery and parts from India worth $12.01 million USD, a significant increase over previous year’s imports. By the end of July 2020, Germany’s imports were 5.68 million dollars, rising to 8.47 million dollars by July 2021.By the end of July 2021, Indonesia and Singapore imported a total of 4 million USD. India exported auxiliary machinery and parts of textile machinery to the UAE worth 1.43 million USD, increasing to 2.85 million USD. Imports from the rest of the world had dropped by 10.26 percent by July 2021.

Exports of Weaving Machines (Looms)

Bangladesh topped the list of importers of weaving machines with total imports of 2.07 million USD by July 2020 and 3.96 million USD by July 2021.By the end of July 2021, the UAE had imported machinery valued at $2.66 million USD. In the first seven months of 2021, India exported machines worth 1.21 million dollars to Turkey and 1.54 million dollars to Vietnam. Indonesia and Mexico, who had imported weaving machines worth 1.34 and 1.01 million USD respectively by July 2020, witnessed their imports drop to 0.83 and 0.79 million USD in July 2021.Egypt’s overall imports declined by 45.45%.India’s overall weaving machine exports increased by 34.54 percent by July 2021.

Exports of Machines for Knitting, Lace, Embroidery, Tufting, Etc

Germany was the largest exporter in both 2020 and 2021, with exports totalling 0.06 million USD in 2020, rising to 2.37 million USD in 2021.In 2021, Hong Kong’s imports were estimated to be worth 2.07 million USD.Imports from Nepal, which were worth 0.18 million dollars at the end of July 2020, climbed up to 0.46 million USD by July 2021. As of July 2021, India’s imports to the United States and Djibouti were 0.1 and 0.08 million USD respectively. In 2021, Thailand’s imports declined by 25% to 0.06 million dollars. In the corresponding period of both years, China’s total imports remained unchanged (0.04 million USD).India’s overall exports of machinery for knitting, lace, embroidery, tufting, etc. climbed by 80.37% by the end of July 2021.

India – Textile Machinery Exports
SL No.Commodity NameJan – July 2020Jan – July 2021% Change
1Machines for processing textile fibres70.36116.9966.27
2Auxiliary machinery and parts for textile machinery69.0897.3340.89
3Weaving machines (looms)16.8921.7528.77
4Machines for knitting, lace, embroidery, tufting, etc3.215.7980.37
5Machinery for making felt, nonwovens, including hats0.730.37-49.32
Total 160.27242.2351.14

Source: Ministry of Commerce and Industry


Somasree Roy

Textile Value Chain