We become accustomed to make things more pleasant for ourselves. Unfortunately, we don’t really care how this comfort is obtained. Purchasing clothing for a single season is convenient. They claim that fashion is changing at a breakneck pace.

Eco-friendly fashion is not only good for the environment, but it is also good for the individuals who use it. Organic clothing is beneficial to both the environment and human health. “We are what we wear, eat, and surround ourselves with!” says Raghushree Poddar, founder of Reme, a chemical-free, sustainable, and vegan clothing brand. “It absolutely improves our body and mind if we eat pure, breathe pure, wear pure, and surround ourselves with positivity.,” she continued.

Ms. Raghushree Poddar is a Jaipur-based designer, has developed a sustainable and eco-friendly quality that would make people desire those garments in quantity in our fast-paced world where people are continuously looking for quantity clothing over quality. She is the heart and soul of Reme.

REME LIFESTYLE is a youthful and dynamic company that strives to deliver high-quality goods. REME LIFESTYLE specializes in men’s, women’s, and children’s home goods and apparel. REME LIFESTYLE strives for the best degree of “Customer Satisfaction” possible.

Reme was inspired by a creative impulse. Reme’s products have a modern, ethnic, bohemian, and oxidised appearance. Colors and vibrations are added to the traditional recipe by their craftsmen. “Indian women’s clothing has developed throughout the previous few decades. Women are increasingly wearing kaftans, dresses, kurtis, jumpsuits, and other items rather of traditional ghagras, sarees, churidars, and salwar kameez. We design clothes for women who work, party, and take care of their homes.” Ms. Raghushree explained.

This decade old label has already glorified ramp for FICCI flo Fashion Show showcasing handloom in 2019 and is also available on online shopping platforms like Myntra. The journey of accomplishing this milestone was not easy for Raghushree. “I had visited an esteemed store called ‘Mango’ during my visit to Spain. One thing that could prominently be noticed was inclination of western people towards sustainable and eco-friendly clothing and Indian textiles. I wondered, why are we not preserving what we have and why are we not thinking about environment.” she said.

She did a lot of research and development before coming up with Reme. Today, her label boasts sustainability and eco-friendliness along with its benefits to the health of the wearer. “We are a chemical free sustainable and vegan brand.” you will often hear her say this every time she introduces her brand. They are making garments from organic handloom fabrics only especially linen. “Wearing organic clothes is always beneficial for our body. We are surrounded by a lot of toxicity of dyes, chemicals, and other effluents that are used in making a garment.” she said.

Reme is not only making clothing, but it also offers a range of exclusive home textiles and home furnishing that are made in eco-friendly and sustainable way. There are traditional khaats made with organic cotton and through the traditional method.

All the range of clothing and home textile are embellished with combination of hand embroidery, printing using natural dyes and pigments and dyeing in natural dye.


Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali