Whether you prefer neutral shades or bright pop-up shades, there is always room for experimentation. The trending color combinations keep changing with the up-gradation in fashion trends. With a wide option of colors available in the market, it becomes quite challenging to figure out the perfect color combination for your outfits.

Pairing up two or more colors together can either make your outfit or break your outfit. But that doesn’t mean you should just always stick with the basics. There are a variety of color-coordinated looks to enhance your style and create a statement. Both contrasting, as well as complementary colors, work well together if paired right.

Just like the color combinations, the layering and accessorizing is also an important factor as improper or dull layering can destroy the overall look of your outfit. The color combinations that work great for men don’t necessarily mean will work well for women too. Depending upon various factors like body type, skin tone, season, climate, and occasion, one needs to decide one’s outfit and the colors on it. 

To get you started, we have curated a list of the best clothing color combinations that are a must try in 2022, for both men and women as they are super trendy.

Perfect Color Clothing Combinations for Men

Men usually prefer wearing classic and timeless outfits with more neutral shades than brighter shades. The color combinations mentioned below are perfect for office wear, casual wear, festive wear, and many other occasions too. 

  • Blue and Brown

Despite being different colors, blue and brown get along amazingly. As blue and brown are on the opposite side of the color wheel, they contrast each other but also compliment each other well too. As the shades of brown are neutral, they bring out the versatility in the shades of blue. 

Wear a navy blue shirt with light brown chino pants and layer it with dark brown shoes. You could also wear a brown suit with a blue-toned shirt and brown shoes to go with it. A Brown tie will also blend well with this look. 

  • Rich Wine and Tan

A Rich and dark shade of wine when paired with a tan shade, elevates the wine shade in your outfit, balancing the whole look. This combination is a perfect example of a rich and bold outfit for men. 

Rich wine kurta and tan-colored pajamas are a perfect combination for a festive look. Pair this kurta pajama set with a beautiful pair of mojari to complete the look. For a casual look pair a wine-colored sweatshirt with a tan-colored chino or trousers. Complete this look with black shoes and a pair of goggles.

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  • Olive Green and White

A combination of olive green and white suits skin tones of all shades. Olive green is the cult favorite shade that has been in trend for a few years. White color’s coolness balances the warmness of olive green, making it a perfect color combination for men. Olive Green and white are perfect examples of contrasting color shades.

White tees or shirts with olive green pants are a versatile combination. This combination is perfect for office wear as well as a casual wear too. Pair this up with a black leather jacket for a chic party look. Also, an olive green suit paired with a white shirt looks dashing. 

Perfect Color Clothing Combinations for Women

While some women prefer wearing neutral shade outfits, there are some women who prefer bold and bright-colored outfits. This again depends upon the occasion where the outfit has to be worn. The color combinations mentioned below are perfect for office wear, casual wear, festive wear, and many other occasions too.

  • Pink and Gray

Pink and gray are a perfect color combination to try this season as pink represents femininity while gray is a neutral cool shade that balances the look. Pink and gray give you a look that can be utilized all year long. This combination is perfect if you prefer subtle clothing over loud outfits.

Opt for a pink skirt and pair it up with a gray-toned blouse. You could also consider wearing a gray pullover over dark blue denim. Complete this outfit with a light pink jacket and Fuschia colored pumps and a black handbag to enhance the look. 

  • Purple and Mustard

Though this color combination might seem unusual and bold at first, it is considered to be one of the best combinations for women’s outfits. This combination serves as a perfect example of a color-blocking outfit, as both the shades are contrasting yet complementary to each other. 

Pair a dark purple blouse with a bright and dark mustard bottom or a pastel purple blouse with light mustard bottoms. The animal print scarf also does justice to this look. Add nude or white shade heels and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses to complete the look. The Purple and mustard combination also works well for an elegant ethnic look.

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  • Orange and Black

Nothing elevates a plain black outfit more than a bold and bright color such as orange. This is known as a brilliant color combination as you might have heard –  “Orange Is the New Black”. The combination of orange and black in an outfit automatically adds luxury and class to that outfit.

A well-fitted black pant does wonders to the outfit. Pair it with an orange crop top or an orange sweatshirt. You could also opt for a black skirt instead of pants. Wear long black boots, add a statement neckpiece, and a classy brown handbag to balance the outfit. 

These were some of the best and cult-favorite outfit color combinations that are worth experimenting in 2022. Let us know which color combination you loved most of all.