Jisora, started during the pandemic, is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Says the company: “Jisora is a clothing brand created to make styling effortless, elegant, and, most importantly, comfortable for contemporary women. From relaxing loungewear to captivating Kaftans, we have created a range of clothing options that are appealing to the eyes, breezy on the body, and easy on the pockets. Our clothes can easily transition from a brunch meeting to bed, with beautiful designs, graceful silhouettes, and reposeful wear.” The objective is to design clothing that adds a touch of comfort and kindle a sense of elegant beauty towards the traditional cotton.

Mehul Sethi, Co-Founder of Jisora, shared his views and plans in an exclusive interview with the Textile Value Chain. Excerpts:

What inspired you to start Jisora?

Initially, analysing the market, we saw immense potential in the fashion and e-commerce category. Inspired by the diversity, ethnicity and tradition of the country, we started exploring the women’s apparel section, with the primary objective to make fashionable and trendy outfits which will be a blend of modern and traditional styles. Initially we witnessed a nee-gap in the market, which consisted of either fashionable and western wear or traditional and ethnic clothing. To fill the gap and introduce the Indian market with modern, trendy styles with the traditional look and design of India was our primary motivation behind building the brand.

Buying comfortable clothing has been a major change in people’s fashion habit, especially after the lockdown.  Now, people want their clothes to be versatile. To address the issue Jisora came up with outfits that can be perfect for official purposes and evening night-outs. The primary focus of our designs is to make women’s apparel a mix of home and office wear.

What were the challenges you faced initially?

 The major challenge we faced in the initial stage was to understand the customer preferences. Another challenge was to build a vibrant and energetic workforce with the right people.

What are your achievements?

With fresh, young and vibrant line of clothing with modern, relaxed silhouettes, elevated simplicity and style that is both comfortable and affordable, Jisora has a turnover of around 10 Crores till date. We also have a customer retention rate of almost 40 per cent.

Can you let us know how you gained success within a year?

Our primary objective was to make apparels which are a blend of fashionable and traditional style, and make it affordable for women of all age groups. We focus in optimum customer satisfaction, which helped us gain sales from word-of-mouth promotions. Also, we have a high customer retention rate since we could build the trust among our customers. Our products come at a varied range of sizes – XS to 6XL, and cater to the fashion tastes of a 16-year-old to a 60-year-old. Our products are designed in a creative manner making them perfect for various occasions. Our pricing average is around Rs 1000, which also makes our product a reasonable buy for the customers.

Despite of lot of competition, how has your brand stand out to be different?

Our product design, which is a mix of the traditional and modern apparel, is exceptional in the market and we also ensure to provide the best quality products. Further, we have a unique size range from XS-5XL and the prices of the products are kept at a reasonable range – making our products unique in the market.

Sustainability, is very important in today’s time, What Sustainability measures are taken by your brand overall?

Our key focus is to make women’s apparel comfortable, as we have noticed that women prefer to avoid clothes that will make them claustrophobic. Therefore, we use pure cotton fabric, which is natural and becomes essential to avoid problems like sweating, itching and rashes, which could be caused by synthetic materials. We are more inclined towards using natural materials and natural dyes.

What are your latest products and how are they useful for your customers?

The latest addition to our range of women’s apparel is resort wears, which are free and classy travel couture that eases up the packaging anxiety, curates a list of resort wear collection and helps customers to find the extra summer sparkle in their trip. The new collection is inspired by new experiences and is bold and beautiful with indigenous prints and dedicated designs to enable the women to flaunt their confidence and work spirit.

What plans do you have to expand Jisora and how will it benefit the company, the environment and the customers?

We are planning to expand and increase our footprint in the offline retail and will be soon coming up with franchise stores in every corner of the country. We have recently introduced kids’ wear and are planning to dominate the market. Though we don’t have immediate plans to expand to men’s wear, we have the right resource, design, and knowledge and market presence to later explore the men’s wear section too.