The Nisshinbo Group was founded in 1907. Nisshinbo Textile is one of its seven business divisions. From development to production, the Nisshinbo Group’s textiles business possesses world-class technology in the fields of spinning, weaving, knitting, processing, and sewing.

As an Environment and Energy Company group, they strive to develop new technologies and products that contribute to the global environment and human society through business by reducing environmental load and realising healthy and comfortable lifestyles in accordance with the concepts of environment, health, and comfort. Nisshinbo Textile has six core businesses: Shirts, Denim, Textile Fabrics, Textile Materials, Mobilon (Elastan), and Oikos (Unwoven Cloth). The Nisshinbo Tokushima facility was established in 1958 on Shikoku Island.

To further boost their international competitiveness, they have shifted production sites overseas and are building a global-scale production setup in the most suitable locations. Willsilver Exports is an Indian company that works with the Nisshinbo Group on Mobilon.

They aim to produce new values to support the healthy and comfortable lifestyles of people all over the world by utilising our world-class technology and global manufacturing setup.

Nisshinbo Textile developed Mobilon, a form of spandex (polyurethane elastic fiber), utilizing their own patented technology. Mobilon is widely regarded for its gentle touch when stretched, ability to maintain shape, and wearability. Pantyhose, innerwear, outerwear, sportswear, and other materials are among its various application. Meanwhile, Thermal Adhesive Mobilon is a game-changing spandex produced from cutting-edge polymer chemistry and fibre spinning technology. It is distinguished by the spandex being heat-sealed to each other by the heat generated during the fabric’s production. This provides a variety of benefits, including ladder prevention in pantyhose and resistance to curling, fraying, and shrinking. Thermal Adhesive Mobilon is being used in a variety of products around the world, including ladder-proof pantyhose and seamless clothes.

Their elastomer is a thermoplastic polyurethane substance that was created using their own patented technology. It is frequently used in garments, face masks, and other industrial products due to its high elasticity, flexibility, and durability.

This exceptionally stable product complies with Japan’s Food Sanitation Act and the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, as well as Japan’s Ekotex Standard.

Mobilon-R has the unique properties of soft tightening power, good setup ability, and outstanding heat fusing performance. It can also create alkali resistance. They offer bare spandex in 48 spools / box x 0.450 per spool from Nishinbo Japan and are sold by MoRiRin CO., Ltd. available in the following sizes: 20D, 30D, 40D, and 70D. Special spandex is also available for Nylon, Wool, and Acrylic (with low and low low heat setting temperatures), whereas standard spandex has a pre-heat setting of 175 degrees Celsius. When compared to other dry type spandex, Mobilon offers a mild recovery power.

As a result, when Mobilon is used in pantyhose, superb pantyhose with a soft fit feeling and comfortable leg-fitting, easy to put on can be produced.

Mobilon spandex can be used as two purposes:

1) in place of regular spandex usage Mobilon can be due to its MONOFILAMENT CUM MELT SPUN advantage deliver a superior quality of spandex fabric.

2) as FREE CUT UNDIES with proper knitting techniques to achieve comfortable soft power fitting under garments leaving smoother blood circulation quality

Various brands are now using:           

(a) MicroModal with Mobilon spandex
(b) Bamboo Viscose / Excel Lyocell / Mobilon spandex
(c) Bamboo viscose / Zinc oxide polyester
(d)Antimicrobial Viscose / Polyester

Advantages of Mobilon monofilament Japanese spandex

– soft power grip and comfort fit

– stable dimension even after several washes and hence extended life

– improved pilling resistance due to first class melting of spandex which holds the fibres intact

– edge curling avoided in fabric stage

– preheat setting is at low temperature 175deg Celsius @1min dwell

– CAN HAVE WIDE RANGE OF GSM using one count pair, eg., for instance 40s+20D MobilonR can offer 130~200GSM due to its efficacy (subject to trials based on your dyeing machines)

Mobilon can be used for regular clothing, jersey fabrics made from cellulosic or filament poly jersey:

  • To achieve soft power yet stable fabrics, 5-6 percent spandex in 40s MicroModal yarn is being used.
  • This is a pair of traditional briefs with elastic waistband.

However, Mobilon is recommended for making FREECUT BRIEFS AND PANTIES with no waist band elastic.

  • There is no thigh or leg elastic.
  • Raw cut edges are left open.

There are a number of international undergarments and pantyhose producing companies that use mobilon in their product development.

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