One of the biggest trends in the fashion industry at the moment is sustainability. Eco-friendly, ethical style is on the rise, and there are hundreds of designers, artisans, and creators, from tiny independent labels to big-name brands, who are showing that you can be fashionable without harming the planet.

You might not immediately think of Mexico when you think of fashion, but it is a country at the forefront of innovation in many fields, and particularly when it comes to sustainability, ethical creation, and environmentally-aware businesses. From slow fashion and ethical labor to green materials and eco-friendly style, Mexican businesses and brands are pioneering this revolution in the fashion industry. 

Sustainable fashion comes in various garbs. It can simply mean designing and making clothes out of environmentally-friendly materials, and avoiding things like water waste or a large carbon footprint. It can also mean using organic or recycled fabrics, or buying raw materials locally. But sustainability and ethical fashion isn’t just about being green. It can also refer to fairer or more ethical labor practices, paying fairer wages and supporting the local economy. 

So if you are planning a trip to visit the Mexican Riviera and would like to discover a little bit more about sustainable fashion in Mexico (and maybe pick up a few gorgeous pieces at the same time) here are the top 8 brands pioneering sustainable fashion in Mexico right now.

Golden Ponies

Bespoke, made-to-order, slow fashion shoes, clothes, and accessories from Guadalajara, Golden Ponies is one of Mexico’s top sustainable brands. Everything they create is made with vegan materials, making it great for the planet, and they are committed to avoiding waste at all costs. As a result, they don’t use a warehouse or have any stock, and make all their pieces to order.


A wonderful independent brand creating gorgeous home decor and interior design, Minna will bring an amazing new style to your spaces. Named after the founder’s grandmother and inspired by her passion for weaving, Minna employs the families of traditional weavers in both Mexico and Guatemala, ensuring fair wages and jobs while helping preserve these artisan skills. Every piece is created specially, ensuring that anything you buy from Minna is unique and one-of-a-kind.


Drawing on the rich tradition of leatherwork from the Mexican state of Leon, Nisolo is one of the most impressive sustainable shoe brands around. Committed to providing a fair wage environment for all workers and artisans in their factories (based in Leon), Nisolo shoes are created using traditional methods handed down from generation to generation.


Founded by charismatic young designer Mariana Navarro from Mexico City, Maralgui is based on the principle that “the most important thing that you have to analyze before you buy something is that it doesn’t make our world worse.” Maralgui is an extension of Mariana’s ethos, a brand that lives and breathes eco-fashion, and her designer bags are all made from fortified, water-resistant paper. What started out as a small stall at a flea market has grown to become a successful online company, and one of the most exciting names in environmental fashion today.

Alejandra Raw

Raw is the latest fashion project from Alejandra Márquez García, a designer from Guadalajara. She creates incredible fashion pieces that adhere to two important positions – that they should take care of the resources of the planet, and that they should preserve her Mexican roots and traditions. From cocktail dresses and kimonos to accessories and jewelry, Alejandra uses traditional textiles as well as upcycled materials, and fashions her pieces using hand-knitting and pedal loom techniques. 


Coeur’s founder and lead designer, Karla Correa, only works with natural materials sourced from within Mexico itself. The company is rigorously committed to ensuring that the entire production process is transparent and ethical, while simultaneously creating beautiful, fascinating clothes that are a joy to wear. Coeur’s collection is made with premium quality textiles to the highest design standards, and the pieces are effortlessly versatile, made to look elegant and sophisticated in almost any scenario.

Carla Fernández

Another brand that finds inspiration from the rich cultural history of Mexican design and textile production, Carla Fernandez has found global fame thanks to their focus on preserving the cultures, styles, and traditions of indigenous Mexican peoples. Using ancient techniques to create beautiful, handmade clothes that are founded in the colors and designs from indigenous and mestizo communities from across Mexico. Based in Mexico City, Carla and her team are right in the vanguard of ethical fashion in Mexico. 

Les Filles Du Nord

Founded in 2015 by two friends who grew up together in the north of Mexico before pursuing separate careers in fashion, Les Filles du Nord is an exciting limited edition beachwear line based in Mexico City’s sophisticated Polanco district. After working as shoppers for stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Palacio de Hierro, Angelica Tovar and Daniela Garza came together to design and make gorgeous swimwear and loungewear collections featuring artisanal hand-stitched embroidery. As well as being made in Mexico and committed to reducing their carbon footprint, Les Fille du Nord also supports artisans and designers from indigenous Mexican communities.