Textile Value Chain Talked with Mr. Samarth Arya, Director, JB rPET Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Can you tell us about Jay Bharat rPET?

We are coming up with a new plant, this plant will be making chemically recycled rPET chips, these chips will be used in both filament and OPET grade applications. We already have a plant by the name of JB Ecotex. We make yarn there. The issue everyone faces currently in mechanical recycling is that many people wanted finer yarns. But that was not being able to reproduce the finer yarns. That’s why we have come up with this latest technology. Which is our patented technology that we developed in-house. This will help customers make finer filament-grade yarns and be used in BoPET applications. 

Who are the target customers of JB? And what benefits will they be receiving with this new initiative?

Our target customers are Decathlon, Zara, Adidas, and all the other major brands across the deals. In India a lot of exports are happening, so everyone who is dealing in filament grade, and weaving are our target customer. Those who are exporting BoPET to European countries have major benefits as plastic taxes are levied in European countries. If you get it at chips level you will have great savings.


We are currently coming with 70 tons of total output capacity per day and we hope to expand it soon with the help of our valuable customers.