Grasim Industries Limited (VFY – The Fashion Yarn Business) participated at the FABTEX 2022, after a hiatus of 2 years. This is one of the most reputed shows for Indi- an fabrics, where most fabric manufacturers and traders showcase their unique collection for the year. The event, like yester years, was held at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai between the 28th and 30th of April 2022.

The fashion yarn business of Grasim Industries Ltd showcased their collection of Vintage Meadows by Raysil ®  the fashion yarn brand of the business. Raysil showcased the unique fabrics and the yarns that curate them.

Raysil® is the soul of every garment that falls and drapes well, fits perfectly, has the best sheen and smoothness is skin-friendly with the eloquence of color and lustre. It is a complete range of 100% natural and biodegradable viscose filament yarns that are made from the most premium wood pulp. The name encapsulates the richness the yarn exudes, making it the most sought after yarn by the fashion fraternity, globally.

Luxury is personified with ‘Raysil’. This premium yarn is also extremely versatile and used in the making of apparels – woven and knitted, home furnishing, embroidery embellishments and accessories mainly for occasion wear, festive wear and styled, trendy wear. This is what was highlighted through the stall décor, the collection and explained during the interaction with the team.

The Vintage Meadows collection by Raysil® was a narration of natural, light weight, evergreen, casual luxury wear for today’s new age royalty.

Along with the collection, Raysil® also exhibited the brand’s collaboration with the textile fraternity. There were three (3) companies who displayed their unique fabric collection at the Raysil® Lounge. They had a beautiful and diverse collection apt for the season’s ahead and showcased versatile possibilities with the Raysil® yarns.

TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN took this opportunity to speak to each of the Raysil® partners at the Raysil® lounge during the event and had a sneak peak at the entire collection – all at one place. Check out their views about Raysil® and the emerging trends in the textile industry.


“We have been connected with Raysil for a very long time. It’s more than 7 years now and we are continuing our association. We are in manufacturing and trading mainly in the Indian market. We are mainly dealing with viscose, cotton and linen and not polyester. And mostly, we provide fabrics for women. At present, the market is a bit dull and slow. We keep our rates under check and price the goods at low cost because this market is always price driven and considers competitive pricing as the first factor. The second factor is mandi or demand from the market and both the factors work complimentary to each other.

The future is good since the textile industry is doing well in India. Regarding the situation for entrepreneurs, the situation is very crucial and today poses a lot of challenges. Unless we work hard, we can face multiple challenges. Also, though talent today is important, it all depends on the hard work put into the business”


“We have been connected with Raysil® for more than 45 years and I have been associated with it since 27 yrs. Raysil® is a very good brand, and in the last 10 years much innovation has happened in quality and quantity. I am dealing with all their products of viscose. I have dual businesses  I am a yarn dealer and I am in fabric trading as well, exclusively viscose. Satyam is the brand for my fabrics and the yarn brand is Shivam Rayon. My market is in India, mainly across Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur. Viscose Filament Yarns (VFY) is a premium segment, and the future is very bright. In any showroom we can find VFY in the form of garments. It is replacing fibres like bamboo and today you will find premium VFY women’s dress materials and suits, sarees, and garments.

The trend in the textile industry is impacted by business environment. With frequent fuel hikes and other factors, labour, and inputs, prices of raw materials and goods have increased in the textile industry within the last three months. VFY share is going up due to imports, and with quality and expansion, it is expected to go up further. Startups at the yarn level is not possible at all. In fabrics much innovation has happened. Startups are opening most on the garmenting and at the fashion stage. This is a growing segment of the industry as our Honorable Prime Minister Modi ji is encouraging startups and the demand is high.”


Vrindavan Textiles changed the company name from Jyoti Fabrics and reformed company values, vision and mission since more than 3-4 years, as the new generation entered the business.

We are associated with Raysil from quite a long time. It is good be with the brand and sell the plant based sustainable fabrics. In 5-10 years, Viscose trend will be much popular.

Brand and innovation is the key for success as against our earlier focus on only manufacturing goods. The fabrics at that time weighed 3-4 kg per 100 meters. Now we manufacture from 3 kg to above 10 kgs. We have also diversified into many things and have innovated many fabrics. So basically, our agenda is to visualise and try to anticipate the trend. Only then we will be able to optimise our performance because if the trend changes, then the raw materials, finish product of the yarn will get affected. So, what I can anticipate to changing in the coming months, allows me to plan and optimize my performance as per the emerging trend. Thus, mantra for Vrindavan Textiles is to follow trends closely to achieve success.

In India the fashion trends are based on environment and festivals. During the period of August to Diwali season different patterns emerge that are richer, more attractive, because as you know we are going to give fabric they will wear in Diwali and post-Diwali. When the winter starts different fabrics are used.

Right now, we are dealing with women’s wear. Now with around more than 60-70% women working currently in urban cities, they want comfortable wear. Else, they would not like to work comfortably and will get irritated by fabrics that they wear. So, our motive is making trendy fabrics; these should be cost effective, mainly comfortable. Whatever fabrics I make I take a piece to my wife, who is a fashion designer. She uses and suggests what things to change or make according to latest trend and style for better acceptability. We are providing fabrics to Italy and other foreign countries also. Our fabrics are competing with fabric from China.

When anyone joins the industry, we feel both delight- ed and apprehensive. This is because when we see potential in the industry, it is not yet fulfilled. We have to grow like a family in order to achieve something. That is what we did and feel others should do the same too.

TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN had a remarkable opportunity to understand the long association that each of the partners across value chain – be it yarn trader, weaver, fabric trader has with Raysil®. The discussions also highlighted the need for rich and comfortable fabrics and how brand and innovation is the trend of today’s fashion world. Raysil® continues to drive both the aspects. VFY, according to all, is gaining significant momentum as a preferred fabric for Indian women’s wear and is in trend for comfortable and sustainable wear too. Truly, experiencing the Vintage Meadows Collection and interacting with the Raysil® brand associates at the Raysil Lounge of FABTEX 2022 was a great start to the year.